Maradona under observation in hospital

Tue 03 November 2020 | 12:29

Although Maradona was hospitalized yesterday and will stay under observation for at least 24 hours, but as his personal doctor said his condition ‘is fine.’

Yesterday Diego Maradona was admitted to the hospital in La Plata and will stay for at least 24 hours to be under observation.

The former


talisman was hospitalized due to anaemia and his personal doctor, Leopold Luque, has reported that his condition is not serious and he ‘is fine.’

His doctor also rule out the contraction of coronavirus or any other disease and also denied that his admission is because of addiction.

“It was a particular week for him, with a lot of pressure,” Luque said. “We’ll see how long he stays in the clinic.

“Diego is fine, he arrived on his own legs and can get up and leave whenever he wants.”

source: SportMob