Zidane and Conte are leaders, claims Lippi

Tue 03 November 2020 | 12:06

Former Juventus and Italy manager, Marcelo Lippi praises Zidane and Conte ahead of the exciting Champions League clash.



Real Madrid

will face each other ahead of the next Champions League match. They both struggled this season. Both managers are under pressure and they both want the three points.


who won the World Cup with Italy and is considered one the best Italian managers of all time praised both



Real Madrid

managers and called them leaders.

“They were two leaders. I had a lot of them during that time,”


told La Gazzetta dello Sport.

“There was the charismatic leader, who said the right words at the right time, the technical one and the character.


was the technical leader, everyone gave him the ball because he would solve any situation. He was ‘the pattern’. They made runs knowing he would see them and find them.

“Antonio was the character, a driving force in training and games.”

Lippi said the two completed each other and recalls a moment when Zidane won the ball back after


lost it trying to dribble.

“There was a great feeling. That Juve was a perfect mosaic with Conte at mezzala and Zizou No10 in the 4-3-1-2.

“They were also good at making fun of themselves. One time when Conte tried to dribble and lost the ball for the opponents to counter, Zizou chased the player and took the ball from him.

“Antonio told me: ‘Coach, have you seen Zizou? That’s not his job, that’s my job’.”

source: SportMob