Zaccagni's 'consecration' year

Tue 03 November 2020 | 9:36

After Vernoa demolishing Benevento with the result of 3-1, Zaccagni has come to believe that this must be his 'consecration' year.



’s 3-1 win against


, its midfielder

Mattia Zaccagni

said that this must be his ‘consecration campaign’.

Verona’s opener goal was by

Antonin Barak

and Zaccagni assisted him in that goal in the first half.

"This season we started almost from scratch because there are so many new guys,” Zaccagni said.

“Last year I understood many things with him [Ivan Juric] and this must be the year of my consecration,” he continued.

“Surely, I had improved some aspects last year. The support striker is a new role for me and I’m trying to adapt.”

source: SportMob