Barcelona need to save €300M

Tue 03 November 2020 | 20:06

Barcelona is under pressure and needs to save €300M to avoid financial situation

The interim president of Barcelona has talked for the first time since taking the position and opened up about the situation that the club is facing right now and the fact that they may have to consider wage cuts 

“We do not want to take money from anyone,” Tusquets explained, in quotes carried by the report.

“We have to reduce short-term expenses. We hope to reach an agreement with the players and with all the club’s staff on the salary negotiation process.

“The essential thing at the moment is to lower expenses and look for forms of income that do not exist at the moment.

“One of the basic aspects that provide income is tourism, even moreso than television rights. In the last year, before the pandemic, the club had raised €220m from the Camp Nou – that is impossible this year.

“All the decisions we take may be revoked by the board of directors that come into the club once the next elections have been held.”

"He also added filing bankruptcy “is not real at this time

source: SportMob