Zapata in confidence before the Liverpool match

Tue 03 November 2020 | 15:36

Duvan Zapata thinks they can hurt Liverpool if they match their intensity


forward who has scored three goals in two

champions league

games so far thinks that

Van Dijk’

s absence will not change much for Atalanta’s front line

“I know they have some players out, but it doesn’t mean anything,”


said at a press conference. “They are strong.

“Any player who plays for them will have experience. It will be a very difficult match.

“They know how we play up front, we have to be determined throughout the game. We have to think about both phases, to win this match we need to match their intensity.”

Although he knows they have some hard work to do Zapata believes they can hurt Liverpool as well 

“It will not be an easy match. Last season they won the Premier League, two years ago the Champions League,” he added. “They are a strong team at an international level.

“It will not be easy for their defence either, we can hurt them if we are able to play our game.”

He also talked about their next fixture in Serie A against


“All matches are important for us, we can’t afford to choose one over another. We’ll think about Inter later,” the Colombian continued.

“Every year is an opportunity, I speak individually. Last year, I was out in these matches, now I want to take advantage of being able to express myself to the fullest.

“It has always been excellent for everyone here. The coach has many options now, whoever plays must feel good.

“Whoever goes on the pitch must make the most of the opportunity.”

source: SportMob