Pobega believes his team did their best

Mon 02 November 2020 | 12:11

Tommaso Pobega says that everyone can make mistakes, but Spezia generally played well on the pitch against Juventus.

Tommaso Pobega



did their best against the reigning champions


and he said anyone can make mistakes.

The Milan loanee scored to equalize

Alvaro Morata

's opener on Sunday.

The 21-year-old believes the home side did well before

Cristiano Ronaldo

’s appearance in the second half. He scored two goals and helped Juventus win 4-1 after his quarantine due to coronavirus.

"We hoped, we held our own and, in my opinion, it was an excellent match until 2-1," Pobega said.

"Then we went crazy and they punished us, but in my opinion, we played a good game. This is what we work on during the week with the coach and this is what we know.

"We want to propose this against all teams, mistakes can be made by everyone."

Spezia scored five goals in six matches and was promoted to 17th in Serie A. They will travel to Benevento on Saturday for the next competition.

source: SportMob