Mourinho: I'll look for what Real Madrid say about Bale's crucial goal

Mon 02 November 2020 | 7:18

Tottenham Boss has praised Gareth Bale’s abilities and spoken about his desire to check Real Madrid reaction after his goal for Spurs.

Gareth Bale

came back to


on a loan deal from

Real Madrid

in the recent transfer market window. He scored his first Tottenham goal since re-joining the club in the team’s 2-1 victory against Brighton on Sunday as Spurs climb up to the second position of the EPL table only two points behind


. The goal came in the 73rd minute as Bale was just replaced

Erik Lamela

in Tottenham’s squad. The Welsh star seems to have found his good form once again as Spurs are happy to have their old star back. In a post-match interview, Jose Mourinho has spoken about Gareth Bale’s situation and his desire to check Real Madrid’s reaction to his good performances.

"For a week or so now, he's been improving, It's not just from watching him, the data supports that as well. We knew, Gareth knew. We share ideas and feelings.

"He deserves that [the goal]. When I have five minutes I'm going to look at the Real Madrid website to see what they say about him.

"He showed great personality and had a great impact, scoring a very important goal for us. He also joined Harry in a very experienced way to play the last 15 minutes for us.

"They were very clever, very intelligent, especially at holding the ball up and bringing it into zones where they couldn't hurt us. 

"He knows that we care about him and he cares about the club. I think he's a perfect fit. He's very calm, very intelligent. I'm very pleased for him to score the winning goal."

Tottenham will play against Ludogorets on Thursday before facing

West Brom

in their next Premier League match five days later.

source: SportMob