Pogba admits his “stupid mistake” for being “out of breath”

Sun 01 November 2020 | 22:29

Paul Pogba declares he made a "stupid mistake" tripping Hector Bellerin to give up a penalty in Manchester United's 1-0 failure to Arsenal.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang changed the spot kick to confirm the victory for the away side, confiding the Red Devils to their third

Premier League failure

of the season.


He curtailed the Gunners ankle in the United box, forcing the referee to point to the spot.



Pogba himself declares his penalty was because of being "out of breath." Also, he admits that his side did not do their best against Old Trafford.


"We know it's a poor performance. Myself, I cannot give a foul away like this," he told BBC Sport .

"I thought I would touch the ball but I didn't. I cost us the goal today with the penalty.

"Like I say, details. We have to do better, the team, myself, it starts with me.

"I felt like I touched him a bit, I knew I was in the box, I shouldn't have given a penalty away like that. Maybe I was a bit out of breath, it made me do this

stupid mistake

"I will learn from that, I'm not the best defensively in the box, I can work on that.


source: SportMob