Juric insists on Verona’s playing style

Mon 02 November 2020 | 18:20

Although Lovato and Ceccherini aren’t in their best form but they will start and the teams style of football is not changing as Juric indicates.

"We are preparing to the maximum for tomorrow’s game,”


said at a press conference ahead of




“There are thousand of difficulties, but we want to make a good game and pull off a good result," he said.





will play. They’re not 100% fit, but they trained with us today.

“When someone picks up an injury for me it’s like a stab wound, because I tell myself: ‘This guy has to stay out, he has to recover.’

“We have our way of playing. Before Covid we had very few problems, in this period we are massacring our players completely.



should rest, but he can’t and the same is true of [Alan] Empereur.

“When they can recover, they often join their national teams, which is again a massacre. We play with intensity, as in Germany or England. We go strong.

“We have no chance to play good games in other ways. We will go on like this, being careful, but we are paying like this and we accept it.”

source: SportMob