Italiano: "I thought we were going to defeat Juventus".

Sun 01 November 2020 | 17:14

Vincenzo Italiano accepts he committed the greatest error today as he imagined his side 'could win against Juventus.'

The newcomer of

Serie A

held the Old Lady to a 1-1 draw until the second half when

Cristiano Ronaldo

subbed with


and only took 3 minutes for him to start scoring and secure all the three points for Bianconeri.

“Maybe I made the biggest mistake,” the Italian coach told in after-match interview.

“When I saw the lads playing inside


’ half I thought we could have obtained more.

“Until they scored the 2-1 with Ronaldo the game was leveled. Even after they took the lead Gigi Buffon made an extraordinary save to deny [Julian] Chabot.

“We need to go ahead and believe in what we do. We can’t lose enthusiasm and go ahead.”

source: SportMob