Ronaldo is happy to be back in action

Mon 02 November 2020 | 17:03

Cristiano Ronaldo is happy to be back in the game and won’t comment on his COVID19 problems and conversations


came in the game in the second half and scored a two goals to make sure the


has the win .

He tested negative for COVID19 on Friday and said nothing about his Instagram comment about swab tests 

“I have been stationary. I had no symptoms and I felt good. Today I went back to doing what I like, playing football,” Ronaldo told Sky Sport.

“Serie A is a competitive league.


are doing a great job, as well as Lazio and Napoli. We have to work hard, but we are growing.

“Cristiano is back this is the most important thing,” he said we he was asked about his comment

source: SportMob