Pirlo: "Juventus is improving, we're taking our time to work on ideas"

Sun 01 November 2020 | 16:52

Andrea Pirlo emphasizes Juventus 'played a decent game' against Spezia and uncovers how the squad can now improve themselves.

"We played a good game, we should close it in the first half, we created a lot. If you don’t do it you risk against any opponent," the

Old Lady'

s manager told in an interview after the



"We wanted to win it and


helped us."

After 20 days, The Portuguese superstar got back to the field in the wake of testing positive for COVID-19, on Friday he tested negative and today he got back to today's match entering from the seats in the second half and scored two goals.

"We changed our system a little bit, we knew


would have been more free to play a little behind. Ronaldo is improving and we were waiting for him.

"Both him and [Paulo]


are improving, let’s see how everyone feels in the coming days.

"We always play with four defenders in the defensive phase. I had these players available, when everyone will be back we’ll see how we can play but the setting will be the same.

"We are improving, some players are coming back from injuries and we’ll have time to work on our ideas.

"Slowly, we’ll see in games those situations that we are preparing during training. We need to pick up the players between the lines, once we do it, we only need to think about attacking their area.

"I’m trying to simplify the defensive phase with two tight lines, we need to be more aggressive once we lose the ball, it’s less tiring to run five meters ahead rather than trackback for 70 meters."

source: SportMob