It is in Southgate's hands, insists Ole about Greenwood

Sun 01 November 2020 | 16:17

Greenwood has been missed out the National team after the Iceland incident of him and Foden.


was asked about


's situation. He was called up by

Gareth Soutgate

for European League matches but the incident of him and Foden which broke the Covid-19 regulations had consequences for him.


did not call him up anymore and


prefers not to interfere.

Speaking before United's game with


on Sunday,


revealed his conversations with Southgate had been amicable in the past few months.

“Well it's Gareth's decision who he wants in his team and I had a very good conversation with him before the last squad get-together," said Solskjaer.

"I don't want to interfere. It's his decision who he picks of course and if he wants to pick any of my players they are available of course.

“You're not getting me into this discussion, definitely, I'm not giving you any headlines!

"I'm full of admiration for the way Gareth is managing the England squad and I think he has done a fantastic job. I'll leave him to focus on his job and me on mine."

source: SportMob