Lamptey is not an average player, says Potter

Sun 01 November 2020 | 11:33

Graham Potter express his excitement about Tariq Lamptey. Ex Chelsea academy player is a regular starter for Brighton in this season.

Tariq Lamptey

is currently a starter for


. His hard work and teamwork is undeniable. He came a long way to reach this level and everyone is praising him currently. Some even ask for him to be called up by

Gareth Southgate


Just like everyone else in the football world,

Graham Potter

, Brighton boss also praises

Tariq Lamptey

and says that he is excited with the player and believes he is not an average player.

“I’ve always said he’s a great down-to-earth lad, so credit to him and his family,” Potter said ahead of Sunday’s visit to


. “A lot of the interpersonal qualities he’s got in terms of just wanting to help the team and wants to learn, wants to improve, are good.

“He’s just a really coachable young guy. He’s obviously got a long way to go in his career, but we’re excited for him and at the same time we have to understand that he’s not played a lot of games, he’s only young, his demand physically in terms of how he plays is huge.

“So we have to be careful with him as well. But we’re delighted with him.

“He’s not your average kind of 20-year-old, I think. I think he just understands and really respects, and has just got an incredible amount of humility that he knows how fortunate he is, he knows what an opportunity he has in life, loves football, loves to play football, wants to do the best he can for his family and for himself and for the team.

“He’s a selfless character who just wants to work hard. I’m sure there are 20-year-olds that are like that, but maybe there are one or two that aren’t.”

source: SportMob