Mihajlovic:’I am satisfied in general’

Sun 01 November 2020 | 10:42

Bologna coach Sinisa Mihajlovic, was pleased with the result and believed they ‘deserved victory’.



Sinisa Mihajlovic

was pleased with the result in the game against


in which they won 3-2.

The Rossoblu lately had been struggling and even falling behind on home turf, but they in the game against Cagliari they fighter back and showed great resilience.

“I am satisfied in general. We repeated the performances we had in recent games, were we were superior and didn’t bring home the result, except this time the lads believed to the end and got a deserved victory,” the coach said.

“The important thing is that we continue playing like this and improve the things that need improving, but the mentality and general approach has been right for a while.”

Last week Mihajlovic said that his forwards cannot score but in the last game

Musa Barrow


Roberto Soriano


“If our quality players perform up to their standards, then we have a better chance of winning. When they are in good shape, then we score goals. We could’ve had a lot more this season, but I am pleased that Musa broke his duck.

Riccardo Orsolini

had some ups and downs in the first half, but when the going got tough, he kept the ball and fought hard.

“I was glad to see the desire to react this evening that perhaps was lacking in previous games. I always believe I can win every game. We made some changes in our pressing at half-time, as Aaron Hickey was struggling a little with them doubling up on him, so we put








. We became more solid then.”

And it was for the first time in this season that Musa Barrow scored.

“Barrow cuts in from the left and can make the difference. He’s a player who has good technique, he can see the goal, but still has a lot to prove and is very young. Let’s also not forget he broke his hand and I understand that makes him less determined in the tackle. Hopefully, this is the start of a run of goals for him.”

Mihajlovic was also annoyed by

Giovanni Simeone

’s goal.

“I don’t understand why VAR disallows a goal against us because there was a foul at the other end in midfield last week. This time, there’s a foul on

Rodrigo Palacio

in midfield, they counter and score, nobody says anything. I just want to know what the damn rules are, because if VAR intervenes sometimes and not others, then it’s not clear.

“There’s chaos at the moment and nobody understands anything, VAR intervene when they shouldn’t and don’t intervene when there’s a foul in the penalty area and they should.”

source: SportMob