Scott Parker admits being ‘a bit naive’ in Fulham’s return to EPL

Sun 01 November 2020 | 9:52

Fulham boss has spoken about his team’s situation at the EPL table and what their goals are for the current season.


managed to join the Premier League competition as they defeated Brentford 2-1 in the playoff final on 4 August. Scott Parker led his team to the Premier League successfully but did not start the EPL season in good form. After playing six matches, Cottagers are in the 19th position of the Premier League table with only 1 point in their pocket. Ahead of the team’s crucial battle against West Brom, Scott Parker has spoken about the poor results of his team in their 2020-21 campaign so far and also the team’s goals for the season.

“This year, our league is our mini league and at this present moment in time the way it is we’re about three points off of being top of our mini league.

“The facts are fourth from bottom this year is going to be a huge success and that’s our aim and at this present moment in time we need to be comfortable being in and around this position because that’s where we are.

“Frustrations along the way – of course but that’s the same for every manager. Whether you’re at the top or the bottom of the league there’s always those frustrations, so that’s exactly where we are.”

When Parker was asked about the way his team played their Premier League matches he admitted that the performances could have been better.

“I feel we’ve had a real confidence and been really brave in the way that we’ve played definitely.

“But certainly, and I think I said it after the Leeds game, sometimes we are maybe a little bit naïve and that’s something we need to improve on.

“Respect, I’m not sure about – I don’t think that’s probably the right word but at times we need to show a different side to us.

“Whether that’s (being) street-wise, (or) a know-how and understanding of certain situations, we definitely need to improve for sure, and like I said we’ll get there with that.”

Fulham will play against

West Brom

on Monday before facing

West Ham

on their 8th match of the Premier League season.

source: SportMob