‘He has everything’ Klopp hails Jota after match-winning goal

Sun 01 November 2020 | 5:38

Jorgen Klopp has spoken about Diogo Jota’s spectacular performance in Liverpool’s Saturday match against West Ham.

It was at the 70th minute of the


’s Saturday clash against

West Ham

that Jorgen Klopp decided to make the final change to his 11-man squad. With the match tied at 1-1,

Diogo Jota

became the last hope for the German coach to win the match. Jota’s first goal was dismissed by VAR but only seven minutes later the 23-year-old managed to score again and win the match for the Reds. This was Jota’s third goal in his past three appearances for the English side as he has joined the team from Wolves just recently with a £45milion deal. In a post-match interview, Jorgen Klopp was asked about Jota’s impact on the game.

"We fought really hard that we could sign him - we didn't have to convince him too much but we really had to fight for it.

"We knew that he is an exceptional talent. He has everything I love in a football player; he has the speed, he has the physicality, he has the technique, he is both-footed, he is clear in mind, very football smart.

Liverpool will play against


on Tuesday before facing

Manchester City

in their next Premier League clash five days later.

source: SportMob