Barcelona could get bankrupt due to salary-cut stalemate.

Sat 31 October 2020 | 19:03

Barcelona could confront the expected danger of budgetary liquidation because of the developing issues over compensation cuts at the club.



have been stuck in negotiations over a potential second salary cut for the current year in the most recent month. 

Nonetheless, talks have not seen any progress, with the team divided into two groups over whether they should accept the reduction or not.

According to Marca, the club needs to decrease their present compensation bill by


, assessed at €190m, before November 5. 

In the event that they can't agree, the La Liga club could go into liquidation procedures as ahead of schedule as of January 2021. 

Provisional president Carlos Tusquets has just cautioned the developing financial emergency at the club is the main problem with the


presidential poll perhaps postponed until some other time in 2021. 

Our main concern is economic

,” said A Barcelona official to Marca.

“The pandemic is especially affecting Barcelona. The club depends on tourism and now there is none. We have to collect the ideas of the previous meeting and remedy the ills that affect us.”

The club will meet with senior players on November 2nd to talk about the following phase of dealings with passive arrangements to deal with the current crises.

source: SportMob