Brendan Rodgers won’t underestimate Bielsa

Sun 01 November 2020 | 19:03

Rogers thinks that they are ready to face their opponent and won’t underestimate them


will play against Leeds on Monday after three important wins including their Europa league fixture 


on the other hand have scored 12 goals in their first six games in the

premier league

which have not happened in 27 years 


said: “I took


up and I know the challenges you have being a newly promoted team. When we got promoted it was deemed we were just a team coming up and it wasn’t until after teams realised the level of our game.

“We won’t make that mistake with our preparation (for Monday). We see the quality they have, the focus, the mobility.

“I love

Marcelo Bielsa

from way back. I started coaching in the 1990s and when I was looking into coaching, different managers and different styles he was on my radar when he was with Argentina.

“He came into Europe with

Athletic Bilbao

. You saw the unique style he has in terms of man-marking and the intensity with which his teams play.

“I was delighted when he came to Leeds, they have a great tradition in the game. It didn’t quite work in the first year but in the second year he got them over the line. They have come into the Premier League “We took Ricardo out to continue with his rehabilitation,” added Rodgers.

“He’s obviously getting close, but he won’t feature before the international break.

“But we’re hopeful that, after that, he will be available to take part, so it’s great news for us. He’s progressed really well.

“He’s worked ever so hard and is now starting to join in with parts of the sessions with the outfield players and we just wanted to keep that rehab going so we took him out with us.”and been outstanding.”

source: SportMob