Iachini offers Callejon striker to play against Roma

Sat 31 October 2020 | 19:16

Franck Ribery and Jose Callejon are suggested by Fiorentina coach Beppe Iachini to play against Roma. ‘If Dries Mertens can make such an impact moving from winger to centre-forward…’

“I am evaluating different solutions for the attack, including a ‘lighter’ front pairing of Franck Ribery and Jose Callejon,” confirmed the coach in his press conference.

“I wouldn’t rule out such a creative, quick and unpredictable front two. It can be a tactical variation we’d look at. Ribery, like German Pezzella, Borja Valero and Callejon, is an important player for us and having him on the pitch rather than the treatment table helps everyone to gain a sense of confidence.

“When we discovered Federico Chiesa could leave, I asked the club to get me Callejon, because he can cover so many different roles and tactical variables. He is more of a striker than a winger right now, as he hasn’t got the fitness levels to cover the whole flank. If Dries Mertens could make such an impact moving from winger to centre-forward…

 “There are moments during a season when not everything worse. We allowed a lot of comebacks lately and it’s a psychological issue, as we get scared when we concede a goal. Instead, we ought to be more positive and keep pressing.”

 “Roma are even stronger than they were last season. This is going to be a dangerous match for us, above all we need concentration and character, because without those elements, we cannot think of leaving the Olimpico with points.

“I want to see the same Fiorentina that played against Inter, one that tries to go out there and play the game.”

source: SportMob