Based on Pirlo's statement, Ronaldo won't appear against Spezia

Sat 31 October 2020 | 17:37

Andrea Pirlo expressed his concern regarding absence of some players


coach declared that it is unlikely for Juventus to have


in tomorrow game against Spezia, while he is tested negative for COVID-19, but he is likely won't play against




also added that we have to wait several weeks for

Matthijs de Ligt

to return after his shoulder surgery. Moreover, we won't have


and he cannot play yet. But

Leonardo Bonucci

will play for tomorrow.

Pirlo also added that our team has been in a difficult situation with two draws against




, and a home defeat to


in the last game.

He declared that we are working on coordination of players who haven't play with each other for long time.

Based on his declarations since he started with Juventus, they've hardly ever had all players for training.

He also expressed his concern regarding what people say, and added that they are under pressure, but he declared that it has always been the same even when he was a player. He added that we are not satisfy with results, but what is satisfactory for me is attitude of players and their solid work ethic.

At the end he mentioned that since we don't have some players, we cannot get the intended result in spite of our attempts and said that we just need more time to recover the team.   

source: SportMob