Tottenham forward Kane can break Henry's assist record

Sun 01 November 2020 | 2:57

A former Gunners defender has praised Spurs captain after seeing him displaying the more genius side of his game.

Arsenal legend Martin Keown has made comparisons between

Harry Kane

and Dennis Bergkamp, supporting the Tottenham striker as a record breaker. Tottenham Hotspur forward, Harry Edward Kane, has experienced an extremely outstanding start to the 2020-21 campaign. over the past five years, Kane is regarded among the most destructive strikers in Europe; but he is now exhibit a more creative side to his game which Keown believes is comparable with one of his  brilliant  former team-mates.

Keown wrote in an article "What anyone who played with Dennis will say is that his service was outstanding. I'm now watching what Harry Kane is doing for Tottenham and, dare I say it, he is starting to remind me of my old team-mate," "I'm not saying Kane is as technically gifted as Dennis – I don't think anybody is. But the quality of the balls I'm seeing from the Spurs striker, and the way he is finding Son Heung-min, it is Bergkampian.


source: SportMob