Alisson’s speedy recovery thanks to Liverpool’s staff

The reds goalkeeper is back in shape after suffering from a shoulder injury early in the season.
Alissons speedy recovery thanks to Liverpools staff

Though his recovery was thought to last over a month Liverpool’s No.1 was able to recover from his injury with the help of the team’s staff. According to Alisson, the player asked the medical team and the coaches to help him to have a faster recovery within three weeks tops. Therefore after gaining his shape back the player took the time to thank the staff for their help.

The absence of the keeper gave a rough time to The Reds club but now that he has returned to the pitch, Klopp’s men were able to snatch a 2-1 win against their Saturday opponent Sheffield United. Further Allison added that what helped him get through the injury fast was his persistence and eventhough he feels odd after returning on the field he assures that he is 100% fit to play.

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