EDF gives his full admiration to Cagliari

Cagliari coach Eusebio Di Francesco admired much the reaction of his side immediately after the Sardinians' 4-2 win over Crotone.
EDF gives his full admiration to Cagliari

"There was a positive reaction after we befell. At the end of the first half we gave them too much space and they managed to score the equalizer.

After the match got finished, Di Francesco explained in the conference: “It’s good that we took the lead before half time, but we had to close the game earlier.”

“We have to be more determined and cynical but I have to say that the team reacted well, even suffering, it is part of our DNA.”

"We must work on some aspects, which help to improve the work during the week, regardless the result.”

"We did well in the attack, thanks to the work of the defenders, but we still need to improve at the back. I want the maximum commitment in the next games it will be an important week.”

EDF gives his full admiration to Cagliari

On Wednesday, The Rossoblu will encounter Cremonese in Coppa Italia. Then, the next encounter will be with Bologna in Serie the following weekend.

Joao Pedro made a valuable consideration for the Sardinians. He could favorably score a goal when he moved after the main striker.

EDF gives his full admiration to Cagliari

"Joao is more motivated to play well in that position, because he can shoot or assist his teammates as it happened with Simeone's goal."