Mahrez next destination: PSG or Marseille?

Sunday25 October 2020 | 15:26
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The Algerian midfielder, despite a contract with Manchester City until 2023, announced the possibility of returning to France.

Man city


Riyad Karim Mahrez

announced the possibility of joining

Paris Saint-Germain




City signed a contract with him worth €67m in summer of 2018, and the former


star has managed to up his game ever since.

He is currently one of Man City's most consistent players, but as he approaches latter stages of his football career, he is ready to take on new challenges.

Man City's defender,


asked him about possibility of returning to France, to which Mahrez responded:

“He's crazy, but it's true that I was a supporter of Marseille when I was little.

“Regarding PSG - it's not relevant because I'm still under contract and I'm fine in Manchester, but Paris is my city. I was born and raised in Paris. You never know.

“I could have gone to play in Marseille and I can still play in Marseille. You never know in life, you shouldn't close any door. I didn’t know at the time and I was fine at Leicester but they ruled that I didn’t have the required level.“

source: SportMob