Facts about Charlotte Caniggia, daughter of Rangers legend Reyna

Fri 23 October 2020 | 18:30

Stunning and charming Charlotte Caniggia, whose fame has doubled because of her famous father, Rangers legend Claudio Reyna! Read on to find out some interesting facts about net worth, body measurement, salary, age, childhood, parents and personal life of hot and sexy model, Charlotte Caniggia!

Whether you are a fan of media models and celebrities, or curious about the family life of legendary football players, you must have been curious about the Charlotte Caniggia, daughter of Rangers legend Claudio Reyna!

Half of this beautiful and sexy woman's fame is due to her activities as a model and media celebrity, and she owes the other half of her fame to her father, who has a special place in the hearts of Rangers fans with his famous goal in the final against Celtic in the Scottish Cup.

The followings are some interesting facts about Charlotte Caniggia ,daughter of Rangers legend Claudio Reyna:

To get to know Charlotte Caniggia, in the following we will have a brief review on some facts about the age,

body measurement

, personal life and


, net worth and


of stunning Charlotte Caniggia!

Charlotte Caniggia age

If you are interested to know the

age of Charlotte Caniggia

, this stunning model was born on February 11, 1993 and was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She is white, with enchanting dyed brown hair and dark brown eyes. But having brown hair does not mean that she looks less attractive with blonde or black hair!

She, who is now 27 years old, has an attractive and sexy appearance that does not show her age in any way.

Her birth sign is Aquarius and her life path number is 8. Charlotte’s birth flower is Violet and birthstone is Amethyst and She was born in the middle of Millennials Generation.

Just look at her photos and shows to confirm that her charm is unparalleled!

Charlotte Caniggia parents

Parents of Charlotte Caniggia

are as famous as she is, maybe even more so!

She is the daughter of retired soccer legend, Claudio Caniggia, and her mother is Mariana Nannis.

Her father has played for a number of prestigious teams and it is interesting to note that he has been very popular with fans on all of these teams, but there is a good reason for his popularity among Rangers fans: with the goal that he scored in the Scottish Cup final against the long-time rival of Rangers, Celtic, he played a vital role in winning the title for the Rangers!

But Claudio's fame has another reason besides football: In September 2019, Caniggia asked his wife for a divorce because of Sofia Bonelli, a 26-year-old Argentine model! They got married in November 2019 in Tulum, Mexico.

Charlotte has two brothers; her twin brother is Alexander and her other brother is Kevin.

Charlotte Caniggia childhood

Although this hot model was born in Argentina, but because Charlotte's father, Claudio Reyna Caniggia played in different teams, her childhood was spent in different parts of the world and her family was moving between their homeland, Argentina, and the country where her father was playing his professional football in it.

There is no reliable information about her childhood schools and graduate education.

Zodiac sign of Charlotte Caniggia

Charlotte Caniggia's zodiac sign is an Aquarius. People born between January 20 and February 18 are in Aquarius. Aquarius often appears as people with strange personality traits - they usually have capricious characters and they are usually emotionally isolated, scattered, irresponsible and impersonal.

They usually use quiet and unusual methods to achieve their goals and because of their curious nature, they communicate quickly with others.

Personal life of Charlotte Caniggia

Although many might expect the opposite,

Charlotte Caniggia 's personal life

is not so busy and varied!

Charlotte Caniggia's ex-boyfriend was Niels Houweling. They started their relationship in 2017.

Niels Houweling was born on April 24, 1993 and is best known for being a successful DJ. Charlotte and Niels were both born in the Year of the Rooster.

Shortly after splitting from Niels, Charlotte met Lhoan. Their relationship was very passionate at first and many expected this attractive couple to stay in the relationship for a long time.

But it was not long before she appeared in the news due to her separation from her boyfriend Lhoan. They both made claims against each other and the matter reached the news media. The reports that reached the public were not very encouraging and the relationship did not end well.

Charlotte, who has been single since her separation from Lohan, like many other celebrities, does not like to share a lot of information about her private life with others and not much detail is available about how she relates to Lhoan or her previous relationships. But Charlotte Caniggia is said to have had at least one other serious relationship before Lhoan and Niels.

Charlotte Caniggia has no children

and has never been engaged before.

Charlotte Caniggia body measurement

A shocking fact about Charlotte Caniggia, contrary to popular belief about the height of models, not only she isn't a tall woman, but also she is short!

With a height of 5 feet (152 cm) and a weight of 130 lbs (59 kg), Charlotte is a well-built and attractive model that does not fit well in the corridors of fashion shows, but her fit body is perfect for her career as an ideal TV presenter and celebrity.

Aware of the attractiveness of her body, she constantly posts photos of herself in cyberspace, especially on Instagram.

Charlotte herself believes that in addition to having a healthy diet and regular exercise, the main reason for her ideal fitness is dancing! According to her opinion, dancing is not just a hobby or an art, but it is such a lifestyle that affects all aspects of one's life.

Charlotte Caniggia and football 

Another amazing fact about Charlotte is that she has no interest in football at all!

It may come as a surprise to many of our readers, as well as football fans around the world, that the daughter of one of the legendary players of clubs such as









River Plate

, and of course Argentina's football  history, Claudio Canigga, has no interest in football!

She is constantly exposed to questions from reporters and other ordinary people about her father, football and similar issues, in one of her interviews she clearly said: “Do not ask me about (football). I do not know anything about that, I do not like it.”

Perhaps one of the reasons for Charlotte's disinterest in football was that she was often relocated as a child because of her father's job, and she often did not have the opportunity to build strong relationships with her friends. She was often still unfamiliar with her new friends when they had to move to a new city and sometimes a new country.

In addition, perhaps another reason Charlotte is not interested in football is her father's personal issues. Having a famous father who makes you never have your own private life is not always easy. Especially if your father divorced your mother in a famous affair to marry a 26-year-old model!

Charlotte Caniggia Social media

Charlotte Caniggia is also very active and popular on social media

. She is active on various media outlets including Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

At the moment, Charlotte Caniggia has 2.4m Followers and 182 posts in her instagram account, Charlotte Caniggia (@chcaniggia).

Having an active life as both an advertising model and a TV celebrity, she constantly posts photos of herself in cyberspace, especially on her Instagram page. Having an attractive face and sexy body has also helped increase the number of these followers.

In a successful cycle, Charlotte has been able to use social media and her job as a celebrity TV show to reinforce each other. On the one hand, her shows help her to become better known and increase the number of her followers, and on the other hand, the more followers she has, the more she gets professional prestige and attention.

Charlotte is also active on Twitter, and in addition to her personal Twitter account (@CHCaniggia), she has many fans, who in turn are very active and help her to become more and more famous.

Charlotte's Facebook account also has a lot of followers, and she constantly writes about the details of her daily life on this page.

But the fact that we should not forget about Charlotte Caniggia is that she controls her social media presence well and is careful to share only information with the world that is not too personal. For example, when she is in a relationship, she constantly posts about herself and her partner, but these posts are rarely about the private details of her love life.

Charlotte Caniggia and fashion

Modeling and working in television shows, both Charlotte Caniggia fields of work are somehow related to fashion and related industries, and as a matter of fact, Charlotte, who seems to have an innate talent in this field, has an interesting ability to coordinate her clothes and outfits!

To prove this claim, just take a look at her Instagram page and see her various interesting pictures! Completely confident in her attractiveness and fitness, she masterfully tries on all kinds of clothes and outfits, and the interesting fact is that all these various and different appearances are fantastic on Charlotte Caniggia!

In her posts, she publishes a variety of photos in which she has various tattoos, or videos where she’s wearing a low cut white dress with a lacy bathrobe, or an orange shirt and pants complete with a leather jacket, or a zip up swim suit on the beach, or a hundred other possibilities!

Net worth of Charlotte Caniggia

This model and celebrity earns money from several different sources, including her TV shows, appearances in various advertisements, and also the income from her presence in social medias.

In addition, this beautiful Argentine model is also active in the field of cosmetics and cologne, for example, her special cologne called "Perfume de Charlotte", which was advertised by her personally, was very popular.


Charlotte Caniggia's salary and net worth

are not exactly known, it is estimated that her net worth is between $ 5 million and $ 10 million.

Professional life of Charlotte Caniggia

She made her debut on reality TV in dancing competition show Baliando por un Sueno (Dancing for a Dream) in 2012.

Charlotte starred in eight seasons of Bailando por un Sueño, which were recorded in Argentina and aired on several Spanish networks.

But it was not until early 2015 that Charlotte became a very popular TV star! It was in this year that Charlotte, accompanied by Cecilia Rodriguez, Fanny Neguesha, Cristina Buccino, Rocco Siffredi, Valerio Scanu, Alex Belli and others contestants, participated in the tenth season of the Italian Reality show "L'isola dei famosi" (Celebrity Survivor), hosted for the first time by Alessia Marcuzzi with Alvin on Canale 5.

In addition to being a very useful and instructive experience for Charlotte, appearing on the series made her popular on social media, and the whole thing encouraged her to continue working in this field.

In 2016, one year after appearing on the Italian reality show, Charlotte starred in the fourth season of the Spanish reality show "Gran Hermano VIP 4".

She returned to Argentina in March of that year to participate in the 2016 edition of "El Bailando", and by the end of the year, Charlotte was a well-known figure in Spanish-speaking countries and Italy!

And finally the big moment came for Charlotte!

On September 18, 2017, Charlotte Caniggia launched her own reality show: " MTV Caniggia Libre ".

MTV Caniggia Libre, which is about the life of Charlotte herself and her twin brother's life, like other many reality shows, this show shows the normal life of this sibling.

The most striking thing about this show is that they live their high class life with great luxury and watching them using the highest level of facilities and the most luxurious brands and accessories, for many ordinary people who do not have such an access to facilities, is attractive.

Charlotte constantly posts pictures of herself on Instagram, wearing various branded clothes and luxurious fur coats, but considers herself an ordinary girl and says she has a normal life.

She has recently stated this in interviews about herself, explaining that like any other normal girl, she wakes up early in the morning, goes to the gym, hangs out with friends, and goes to the cinema like any other girl.

According to Charlotte, no part of her daily life is significantly different from other ordinary people, and the only difference is in her job and the margins that come with it.

Charlotte's latest TV activity to date is appearing on Argentina's El Bailando 2019 show. This show seems to be Charlotte's house and she can not resist the temptation to participate in the seasons of this series of dance competitions!

In general, Charlotte's fascinating life is well documented online and elsewhere in great detail. Whether it is her posts and movies that show herself in different and sexy outfits, or in various other semi-nude poses, or the news of romantic relationships and the resulting quarrels, she has been everywhere!

She seems to be extremely popular, and this popularity is at its peak in South American countries. Given the fact that Charlotte Caniggia is now on MTV, it seems that her popularity will increase almost everywhere in the world. We can not wait to see what plans she has for the future!


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