Top Facts about Meg Lilley, Dominic Calert-Lewin’s Stunning Girlfriend

Tuesday20 October 2020 | 18:30
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Dominic Calvert-Lewin has been dating his girlfriend since the end of last year.

Life is on the up for



Dominic Calvert-Lewin

. A while ago the young striker penned a new long-term contract at the Toffees moreover he's bagged himself a stunning girlfriend.

The following text states some top facts about Meg Taylor Lilley:

We would walk you through a collection of

top facts about Meg Lilley,

Dominic Calert-Lewin’s stunning girlfriend detailing her biography, free time activities, lifestyle, age, love life, physical features and appearance, job, net worth, any social media accounts, situation of her relationship with Dominic and whatever that may seems interesting to know.

Meg Lilley’s Biography

It is a bit hard to talk about

Meg Lilley’s biography

as we do not know so much about Meg Lilley’s Biography Meg Lilley with the full name of Meg Taylor-Lilley is from Island. Meg Lilley’ age is twenty-one right now. This is all we know about the biography of this pretty young model. If you have any valid information about Meg Lilley’s biography, please share it with us too.

Top Facts about Meg Lilley

 There are so many top facts about Meg Lilley who is not only a model and TV star but also is Dominic Calert-Lewin’s stunning ex-girlfriend. We will mention just the top facts which are related to Meg Lilley’ physical features in here.

Some of the top facts about Meg Lilley, Dominic Calert-Lewin’s stunning girlfriend

are as follows:

  • BUST:


  • WAIST:


  • HIPS

    : 35″


    : 8

  • SHOE

    : 4

  • EYE

    : Brown

  • HAIR

    : Brown

  • Instagram


  • Twitter

    : @megxlilly

  • Pinterest




Meg Lilley’s Job

Meg Taylor-Lilley is a hot model and TV star and she's a hit off the screen as well as you can tell. She has big ambitions with life. 

Meg-Lilley’s Job

 means a lot for her and she does all her best to reach aim aims in her job. Surely one of the top facts about Meg Lilley, Dominic Calert-Lewin’s stunning ex-girlfriend is that Meg Taylor-Lilley ended her relationship with the great sticker, Dominic Calert-Lewin to be able to continue her own job more easily.

Meg Taylor-Lilley was one of the girls rumored to be heading into Love Island this year. She is one the most famous models of Island and has so many fans too. There are many youth who focus on Meg Taylor-Lilley as their beloved model and TV star and want to follow her in any way.

There is not any doubt that almost all the famous people want to have the chance of being seen more and more and it is true as one of the top facts about Meg Lilley, Dominic Calert-Lewin’s stunning girlfriend too.

Meg Lilley’s Love Life

One of top facts about 

Meg Lilley’s love life

 which is known by almost everyone is that she is in relationship with Dominic Nathaniel Calvert-Lewin who is an English professional footballer and plays as a striker for Premier League club Everton and the England national team.

The 23-year-old U20 World Cup winner is a very romantic person. He can miss a clear chance of scoring goals on the pitch but he will never miss any opportunity he has to flaunt his beautiful girlfriend Meg Lilley. In fact the couple could have spent happy moments together.

 We previously reporter how newcomer Taylor Ward gave Toffees defender Mason Holgate the elbow to appear on the show.

We also told how an ex-boyfriend of Love Island’s Laura Anderson, 29, has been circulating a nude photo of the former air hostess, 29. So one of the top facts about Meg Lilley, Dominic Calert-Lewin’s stunning girlfriend is that Meg Lilley is a type of persons that has mostly short-term relations.

Meg Lilley’s Net Worth

Certainly, a famous hot model and TV star like Meg Taylor-Lilley is rich enough and has a luxury life including all the facilities that is needed in this type of life. Unfortunately, the exact amount of

Meg Lilley’s net worth

has not been mentioned any where and she keeps this matter very private.

In fact it is not very hard to estimate the amount of Meg Lilley’s net worth and salary. We can guess this matter by comparing her with other models and TV starts who are almost in the same level in the terms of job, age, appearance and such factors. We do not know how much Meg Lilley’s net worth is. Please feel free to let us know if you have any valid information about it.

Meg Lilley’s Lifestyle

Meg Lilley’s Lifestyle

 is a challenging matter for all her fans and other models when it comes to follow her way or compete with her. She is a stylish model that always wanted the WAG lifestyle

It is notable that Wags, the acronym used to describe the wives and girlfriends of footballers, is a sexist slap in the face; an appellation that underlines their status as adjuncts to their husbands such as accessories, appendages.

 By the 21st century, we might have expected the idea of women being defined by their male partners to have died – along with the idea of marriage as a career path. And yet, when it comes to the Wag obsession, we seem to have regressed many decades. 

Meg Lilley, Dominic Calert-Lewin’s stunning ex-girlfriend prefers this lifestyle too and during all her professional career life and in all of her relationships she is trying to follow the same lifestyle.

Meg Lilley’s Physical Features

The most highlighted top facts about Meg Lilley, Dominic Calert-Lewin’s stunning girlfriend are about this pretty sexy model. When it comes to talking about Meg Lilley’s physical features, her sexy fit body is an issue that most of her fans pay attention to it while her dressing style can attract the attention of a large group of people to her whether her own fans or not.

By serving Meg Lilley’s photos on network, you can be aware of 

Meg Lilley’s physical features and appearance

. Some people believe she is really hot and some thinks she is just good enough but not a perfect lady in the terms of physical features and appearance. No matter, people always think different.


Totally fitted body, tall, tan skin model is stunning enough while she mostly wears fashionable and sexy dresses which can attract more people toward her and adds more and more fans and followers to any of her social media accounts.

Meg Lilley’s physical features and appearance proves that she has all a young model and TV star should have even for becoming more successful in her job. However Meg Lilley’s physical features gives her this chance and opportunity to live life the way she prefers and has her own favorite lifestyle without any barrier too. So it is not wrong to say that Meg Lilley’s Physical Features and appearance means a lot for her too.

 Meg Lilley social media

As a model and TV star Meg Taylor Lilley tries to use social media as much as possible. Who knows maybe she is doing this to hit the headlines moreover she is trying to increase the number of her own fans and followers in all her social media accounts.

By referring to Meg Lilley’ social media accounts, you can be aware of the latest news about her. Do not forget that being a fan or follower in any social media accounts of the person whom you are interested to know about her or him, will give you the chance to become aware of all top facts about that person.

 If you are interested to become aware of top facts about Meg Lilley, Dominic Calert-Lewin’s stunning girlfriend, - it is better to say his ex-girlfriend – follow

Meg Lilley’s social media accounts

and want to see more photos of her follow Meg Lilley’ Instagram and Meg Lilley’ Pinterest too.

Meg Lilley’s Facebook

Meg Lilley’s Facebook

 is available with the name of Meg-Lilley. She has many followers on Facebook too and does not forget the large number of her fans and followers there too. Truly speaking, Meg Lilley does all her best of best to attract more people to herself.

Meg Lilley’s Instagram

As aforementioned,

Meg Lilley’s social media accounts

is activated. Meg Lilley’ Instagram has 21.6 k followers right now which this rate can increase day after day regarding all gossips and realities in

Meg Lilley’s personal life

. Finding her is as easy as drinking a glass of water. Follow her if you are interested too: @megtaylor_lilley.

During the time that Calvert Lewin was dating Meg Lilley, a model. The model had been described as a full package. The 21-year-old model was not shy about showing off her incredible figure most of the time, as she likes posting in skimpy shorts and a busty top for an Instagram snap.

Meg Lilley’s Twitter

One of the Meg Lilley’ social media accounts that Meg Lilley, Dominic Calert-Lewin’s stunning ex-girlfriend uses regularly is her Twitter account. 

Meg Lilley’s


 account is @megxlilly. Meg Lilley’ Twitter has been considered as a good source of a series a news and facts about this stunning model. Meg Lilley’s Twitter is a source of hottest News about her most of the time.

Meg Lilley’s Pinterest

As above said, Meg Taylor-Lilley uses Pinterest too. 

Meg Lilley’s Pinterest

 is accessible via this account: (mlr010699). Meg Lilley’ Pinterest just like her Instagram page is full of her photos that tell many stories and top facts about this pretty young model and TV star.

Meg Lilley’s Free Time Activities

Maybe having free time means different for a model and TV star who prefers the WAG lifestyle for herself. One side some people may think that she is completely free all the time and has no responsibility to do or no problem to worry about.

One the other hand, some may believe she and all the ones like her are working none stop and they do not have any free time or any privacy in their life too. The reality is that 

Meg Lilley’s personal life

 is in balance.

Many activities are among 

Meg Lilley’s free time activities

. “It was so nice to take time off and step away from my computer a bit to spend time ... Enjoy Free Shipping on most stuff, even big stuff” she says. She is addicted to going to gym and she exercises even in her free time. Going out with friends and spending time with them is what she normally does.

While she spend several time for her social media accounts and tries to keep in touch with her fans and followers. Travelling is another favorite activity of Meg Lilley’s free time activities and she travels a lot with Dominic Calert-Lewin when they had relationship with each other.

How Is Dominic and Meg Lilley Relationship?

Meg Taylor-Lilley, 21, ended her year-long relationship with Everton striker Dominic Calvert-Lewin to get on the ITV2 dating hit. Also her loved-up snaps with the Toffees star, 21, have been removed before her expected arrival in the coming weeks.

 According to News sources: “After ending their relationship she told Dominic she’d got onto the shortlist - and would more than likely appear. “He wished her luck, and just asked that she be discreet about their relationship.”

So ending their relationship can be the last fact among the list of top facts about Meg Lilley, Dominic Calert-Lewin’s stunning girlfriend as she is his ex-girlfriend now. Dominic Calvert-Lewin scored the only goal to beat Venezuela in the under-20 World Cup final last June. Dominic has previously praised Meg for her unwavering support.

Why Dominic and Meg Lilley End Their Relationship?

Meg Taylor-Lilley was dating Dominic but this relationship of hers came in the way of their relationship. She had to be single for appearing in Love Island too and she chose fame and her ambition than her romance with him. She always wanted the WAG lifestyle, and the couple was in love.

Unfortunately after one year of togetherness, their romance started fizzling out and nothing serious was left about their affair then. Meg Lilley was quite certain that she had to break up with him to get the opportunity of her life, which was Love Island. She chose fame and her dreams and broke up.

After the breakup, she got into the shortlist of the show. This show broke the hearts of others as well that very season as divas are desperate for fame. Dominic is a man of his words and wished his girlfriend luck and requested to be careful when she talks about the relationship. 

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