Kerr says women can manage Premier League teams

Sun 18 October 2020 | 16:56

Scotland head coach says there is no reason to think that women can not manage a Premier League team.

Shelley Kerr

, the head coach of


women team says that women have got what it takes to manage a

Premier League

team. Before working as the national team's head coach, she was the first head coach in Scotland's men's football. She worked as the head coach of 

Stirling University's Lowland

Football League team.

Speaking on The Women's Football Show, Kerr said: "It's not for every woman that they want to work in the men's game, so first and foremost it has to be where their aspirations lie.

"If I reflect back on my coaching journey as well, I was working in the fifth tier of Scottish football so for me the next move would have been the tier higher up and so on.

"You have to start at a level and work your way up, experience different elements, levels and aspects of the game and earn your corn.

"So I don't think a female should just jump into the English Premier League or

Scottish Premiership

but if you are asking me if women have the skillset - then absolutely.

"It would take a brave board of directors or chief executive to make that appointment but absolutely they can do it."

source: SportMob