Outrageous Liverool asks Premier League to investigate Everton match

Following Jordan Pickford's tackle on Van Dijk, the Dutch defender is expected to miss up to 8 months of football.
Outrageous Liverool asks Premier League to investigate Everton match

It is understood that Liverpool have asked FA to start an investigation following the incidents of the match against Everton. Jordan Pickford's nasty challenge on Van Dijk made him miss up to 8 months of football and there was no punishment for the English goalkeeper.

Also Jordan Hnederson scored a late goal which was ruled out by VAR because of offside. It was a very controversial decision made by VAR. Liverpool was very unhappy about no punishment for Pickford. Van Dijk had to leave the ground and went straight to the hospital.

Liverpool have also queried at which point Coote decided to freeze the frame to assess the Mane offside. Jurgen Klopp was furious with the officials' decisions after the game, saying: "I came into the dressing room and there were people standing there saying they'd watched the [VAR disallowed goal] situation back and they were saying they didn't understand why they whistled offside.

"I'm really in support of VAR and especially with offside you expect that the right decision would be made. We scored a goal one time at Aston Villa and they said the armpit was offside! It sounds funny, but we got it.

"This time, the picture I saw once was that there wasn't an armpit call, it was just offside. Since then, I've had about 10 interviews and everybody tells me that it was not offside and this doesn't lift my mood, obviously.

"It's tricky, but we've lost one player in a situation where VAR was not involved [Pickford on Van Dijk] and maybe another one in the red card situation [Richarlison on Thiago Alcantara], and we've scored a legitimate goal which didn't count. It was obviously not our day but it was the performance I wanted to see."

Jordan Henderson, Liverpool's captain stated that the officials bend the lines sometimes in order to disallow goals.

Klopp is also furious with no punishment for Pickford. He said: "In the game, that was pretty quick. For me it was a clear penalty that I saw. Then obviously we saw the flag go up, so offside. I still thought it was worth a look on the foul but that didn't happen.

"We have no power there, we just sit here and you discuss it with me. You have to ask other people about that, not me. What can I say?"

Richarlison also apologised to Thiago for his horrible tackle. Richarlison was sent off following his nasty challenge on Thiago which afterwards was reported to be injured.

"Everyone who knows my background knows that I was never a violent player," Richarlison said in a statement, blaming his heavy lunge on "sheer over-dedication".

"I did not enter that dispute with the intention of hurting Thiago... I already sent a message to him apologising and I also do it here publicly.

"I hope he hasn't been hurt and that everything is fine."

Outrageous Liverool asks Premier League to investigate Everton match