‘We believe it’ Zlatan optimistic about winning the Scudetto

Zlantan Ibrahimovic is hopeful that Milans current form will lead them to win the Scudetto.
We believe it Zlatan optimistic about winning the Scudetto

After the 2-1 derby win against Inter, Milan are now leading the Serie A table with 12 points out of four games. The Italian side are unbeaten since March and their high quality on the pitch is significant through their organized defense against attacking teams. Zlatan Ibrahimovic who scored 2 goals against Inter in their Saturday derby sees no reason Milan cannot regain the Serie A title.

"We are at the beginning. Since I arrived, the team has been doing great things, especially after the lockdown.

"The team is growing a lot, the mentality is different, the young people take more responsibility. They all train great.

"I feel a lot of responsibility; I'm the oldest in the team. A situation that I really like, everyone follows me, and everyone is hungry to win.

"We are thinking one game at a time. Every game is like a final. When I arrived the goal was Europe and we got there.

"The goal for the club is to arrive again in Europe, my personal goals are different, but I keep them to myself.

"Scudetto? In my opinion, there is a sure possibility, one who believes can do anything. We believe it, then in the end we will see how it goes. It is still a long road."