Anchelotti is impressed with team character after derby

Everton stopped Liverpool and remained at the top of Premier League. It was a controversial match but both team managed to grab one point.
Anchelotti is impressed with team character after derby


Ancelotti told his players that they could lose this match but they showed great character. The experienced Italian coach managed to get one point from the Champions defender, Liverpool. It was a dramatic and controversial match but both teams managed to grab a point.

Everton are currently sitting in the first position of the Premier League. Some are considering them as a strong contender of the title. Speaking after the game, manager Carlo Ancelotti was happy to see his side’s gritty showing under pressure.

“The feeling is good, we wanted to compete and we did. It was a good performance, with good spirit, which was what we needed in this game.

“We showed character, we were able to equalise two times and didn’t lose confidence [either time they fell behind]. We were down but kept fighting until the end. You need to have these kinds of games.

“I said to the players, we could have lost the game [playing this way] and been sad but it wouldn’t have affected our belief for this season or in this moment. If the performance was not good, we would have been affected.

“But the performance, in my opinion, was really good. We played one of the best teams in Europe and were there to fight at the same level with them, which was very important for us.

“It was a difficult game with a lot of emotion on the bench and I had some words with Jurgen [Klopp]. But, at the end, we are really satisfied.”