Pickford apologies for nasty VVD incident

Jordan Henderson revealed that Pickford has sent his apologies to Van Dijk after nasty challenge.
Pickford apologies for nasty VVD incident

It was one of the best mersyside derbies. Dramatic and unpredictable. The refereeing but was not very good. A nasty incident happened for Van Dijk which made him leave the match with injury.

Speaking to BT Sport after the game, Henderson assessed the performance and questioned the process of determining offside through VAR as sometimes it feels as though they bend the lines to make it so.

“I’m disappointed that we didn’t get the win, I thought the performance was very good and we deserved to win the game,” the captain said.

“I think they bend the lines don’t they sometimes to make it offside, I’m not sure how they do it.

“Not just that goal but I thought the overall performance, the chances we created from start to finish we were the better team and I think Everton will be happier with the draw.”