Robinho’s contract with Santos has been terminated in less than a week

Saturday17 October 2020 | 13:09
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Former Real Madrid starlet Robinho had recently joined his childhood club but his contract has been terminated by Santos in less than a week.

Robinho was sentenced to nine years

in prison due to

his involvement in the group- rape of an Albanian woman. The Brazilian was found guilty by an Italian court in 2017 and since then has plead his innocence and appealed the verdict. His new contract with his childhood club


forced one of the club’s leading sponsors to part ways with the Brazilian side “out of respect to female customers”. This action and the public pressure on the club made Santos terminate Robinho’s contract in an official announcement after only one week since his arrival at the club. After the club’s announcement Robinho expressed his sadness about this situation in his official Instagram account.

“Guys, this is Robinho. Of course, with a lot of sadness in my heart, I’m here to tell you that I made the decision with the club president to suspend my contract at this troubled time in my life. My goal has always been to help Santos Football Club and if in any way I'm getting in the way, it’s best I leave and focus on my personal things.

For the Peixe [Santos] fans, those who like me, I will certainly prove my innocence to you. A hug”

source: SportMob