The unbeaten season is practically impossible - Klopp

Saturday02 November 2019 | 22:21
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Jurgen Klopp insists going a full season unbeaten would not be possible for Liverpool.

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has demanded that he is completely anticipating that his team should endure a loss at some phases during the 2019-20 campaign. 

The Reds trailed Aston Villa until the 87th minute at Villa Park when Robertson emerged with a leveler for the Champions League title holders. 

Sadio Mane at that point scored a stoppage-time winner to guarantee that the Merseyside giants would stay six points clear of Man City before next Sunday's match between the best two. 

Arsenal were the last team to experience a whole Premier League unbeaten in 2003-04, however, Klopp isn't anticipating that Liverpool should maintain a strategic distance from rout as of now until the finish of the season. 

"It is impracticable in the event that you play as we did until we conceded the goal. It was not terrible, it was really the inverse, it was great football, however, it was not the triumphant attitude we need," Klopp disclosed to Sky Sports News. 

"It is likely unrealistic, however, to be completely forthright, we don't consider it. We consider how we can win the following game and the following game." 

source: SportMob