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Alaba's father accuses Uli Hoeness of filthy lies

Mon 14 September 2020 | 17:20

George Alaba responded angrily to Uli Hoeness who called his son a money-minded person.

David Alaba's father accused Uli Hoeness due to continued discussions on the Defender's deal with the Bavarians with "spreading false lies."

This weekend, former Bayern Munich President Hoeness stated that David Alaba should not allow money to dominate his mind over a new offer, as the contract is set to expire at the end of the 2020-21 campaign. 

In 2008, the player entered the Bavarian academy and has been awarded 9 Bundesliga trophies since then. Manchester City and Barcelona are known to be interested in him.

George Alaba is intensely angry at the insinuation by Hoeness that David is just interested in collecting financial benefits, demonstrating that his son had refused to leave the club earlier. 

"I brought David Alaba to Bayern as a teenager,  We have had numerous chances over the years to transfer David to another club, but we are faithful and have always preferred to stay. I never expect Bayern to spread filthy lies about wage and salary. 

"These disgusting claims entails words that we can't come to terms on a new deal as a result of those payments. Only  because we didn't embrace the numbers they gave us. We've got our own feelings.

Hoeness also mentioned Alaba's negotiator, Pini Zahavi wants an expansive payment to reach an arrangement considering the double digit million range. something Zhavi denies. "I have never negotiate with the people in charge in Bayern Munich a potential fee payment," Zhavi stated. 

"When we met at Lisbon, this subject came up when Hasan Salihamidzic asked me how I can envision it. I asked him if we were expected to negotiate on a contract, we need to talk to the player first, however, I wouldn't ask for more than usual so I wasn't going to press for more than that. "We haven't even negotiate numbers as yet."


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