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England, France, Portugal and more - Every kit from Nike's Euro 2021 drop

Tue 01 September 2020 | 16:13

Nike released a host of new kits in preparation for next year's European Championship on Tuesday - check them all out here.

The build-up to any major international football tournament is not complete without a bit of excitement about the new kits on display.

For many supporters, a big part of looking back on previous competitions involves reminiscing about the classic shirts, whether they are good, bad or ugly.

With many clubs and brands now actively promoting their new strips as fashion pieces, rather than just as tops to be worn while having a kickabout, it seems football shirts are enjoying something of a renaissance in popularity.

Tuesday saw Nike drop a load of new kits, specifically for teams set to be involved in Euro 2021.

England, France, Croatia and the Netherlands – all countries associated with a number of iconic shirts down the years – released their latest strips.

There were also striking numbers offered up by Norway and Slovenia, who again don their trademark Alps-inspired design, though the former have not yet secured a place at the tournament and the latter failed to qualify.

Below, you will find all of Nike's releases from Tuesday's mega-drop...











source: SportMob