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Football Players with Most Red Cards in the World

Here is a look at the soccer players with the highest number of red cards in the world.

Throughout the entire existence of football, there were numerous players who broke the principles of this sport. To punish these players, the innovation of cards was made some decades prior. With this, the official could pick which card to utilize, based upon the hardness of the clash, when a player violated the guidelines. 

During the historical backdrop of football, lots of players surpassed limits. It is regular to see a player get a red card, yet the specific thing about these footballers is that they got these cards all the time.. 

A considerable number of the red cards that they got, were for their severe fouls. In this positioning, you can see numerous players who played football roughly. The viciousness of their infractions drove them to got numerous red cards and been suspended from the game most of the time. These are the 21 footballers with most red cards throughout the entire existence of this game.

Football Players with Most Red Cards in the World

Along these lines, we provide you a complete list of the footballers with most red cards in football ever:

Mauricio Pochettino

One of the most significant footballers throughout the entire existence of this game is Mauricio Pochettino. He is famous for his prosperity as a soccer player and furthermore for his triumphs as a football director. Be that as it may, he is one of the footballers with most red cards of all time. 

His extraordinary soccer abilities were crossed with his viciousness at the hour of committing fouls. This drove him to be profoundly reprimanded by all fans. Countless fouls he submitted per game drove him to have 13 red cards in his record ever. 

This significantly frustrated his devotees alongside his sides. In any case, plainly his vision of the sport was more than acceptable since he figured out how to be a successful football director with different clubs.

Joey Barton

The previous

Man City

and Newcastle United playmaker was sent off 6 times in the PL, with a sum of 9 dismissals against his name over the span of his football, involving 1 for

Ligue 1

, where he conflicted with Zlatan Ibrahimovic and

Thiago Silva

Just as being not well-restrained in the field, Barton likewise showed vicious conduct off it, especially when he was more youthful. He has been convicted multiple times on charges of violence. On 20 May 2008, he was sentenced to 6 months' imprisonment for common assault and affray during an incident in



However later in his football career he took his fights to the domain of the psyche. Barton's career and life have been marked by numerous controversial incidents and disciplinary problems. Before he became Joey Barton the logician, he was Joey Barton the punisher.

Diego Costa

Diego Costa is a return to a period when forwards should have been similarly as forceful as the defenders who were resolved to preventing them from scoring. Famous for his fiery temperament, Costa has been criticized and punished for several confrontations with opponents.

Be that as it may, his aggressive style of play saw him in difficulty with officials anyplace he has been. The 34-year-old striker is absolutely a power to be dealt with in the box, however, his inclination towards rough playing implies that he is into twofold figures with regards to football red cards. 

Edgar Davids

The way that Edgar Davids has the epithet 'Pitbull' says a lot about his style of play, yet lamentably that power now and then landed him in a difficult situation.  While he was a skillful midfielder without a doubt, Davids showed a lot of hostility in his play.

The previous


, Barcelona and Ajax superstar was sent off multiple times in Italy and multiple times in the UEFA Champions League. In 2004, he was one of the footballers selected by Pele to feature in the FIFA 100, his list of the world's best living soccer players. In spite of his short height he was misleadingly solid and he positively snuck up suddenly, as Stephen Wright discovered in 2013. 

Richard Dunne

Alongside Patrick Vieira and Duncan Ferguson, Richard Dunne is the footballer who holds the record for most red cards in the PL history. He also holds the


record of scoring 10 own goals.

The previous

Republic of Ireland

international may have been Manchester City's Player of the Year for a long time in succession from 2005 to 2008, however, he additionally took care of carelessness.

In the wake of retiring he joined BT Sport as a pundit for their coverage of the different competitions. Dunne has been lauded for his savvy and obstinate style of punditry.

Duncan Ferguson

A legendary player at


, Duncan Ferguson sits between Patrick Vieira and Richard Dunne, similar to the record-holder for most red cards in the PL history, having been sent off 8 times. 

Playing roughly is quality all the more normally with defensive midfielders or defenders, yet Ferguson was just as intense as the individuals who defended him, and he was keen on tackling.

The previous Scotland international incidentally went excessively far however and was known to punch and head-butt his rivals too. His forceful style of play brought about 9 red cards and in 1994 a three-month jail sentence following an on-field attack of Raith Rovers' John McStay. He is famous for the nicknames "Big Dunc" and "Duncan Disorderly".

Roy Keane

During the 1990s and mid-2000s,

Red Devils

purchased one the most dreaded and regarded midfielders on the planet in Roy Keane. Keane was the pulsating heart of Sir Alex Ferguson's dominant team, however, he was not without his blemishes, head of which was his incensed temper.

Keane got his first sent off as a Man United footballer in a 2–0 FA Cup replay triumph against

Crystal Palace

, in the wake of stamping on Gareth Southgate, and was suspended for 3 matches and fined £5,000. That was the initial of 11 red cards Keane would gather in his United spell, and one of the principal indications of his indiscipline on the pitch.

The Irishman never withdrew from a fight and he likewise had a messy streak, which prompted encounters with players such as Patrick Vieira, Alan Shearer, and, most scandalously of all, Alf Inge Haaland. 

The previous Man United skipper got 7 red cards and registered his name in Premier League history, which puts him directly among the top guilty parties. 




international Pepe is the kind of footballer fans love to despise and some portion of that is his inclination to get red cards. 

Former Real Madrid defender was sent off in the 2014 World Cup for butting heads with Germany's striker

Thomas Muller

and has ended up at the focus point of various brutal injuries during his football. 

Just as being in double figures with regards to red cards, Pepe has additionally been intensely scrutinized for his unsportsmanlike propensities, which involve diving and faking an injury. 

Francesco Totti

The previous


international was one of the most talented footballers of his age, yet he additionally had a mean streak, which caused him to get 11 red cards in

Serie A

during his Roma career. 

Francesco Totti got his record with a sum of 15 red cards while playing for Roma and was likewise disputably sent off at the 2002 World Cup. 

Mark van Bommel

As though to emphasize his notoriety for being a red card magnet, The


international was sent off in the last round of his football career in the wake of hitting a player with an overeager tackle. 

Mark van Bommel played for the absolute best clubs on the planet, including Barcelona, Bayern Munich, and

AC Milan

, however, he isn't associated with his amazing style of play. Instead, the midfielder's rough tackles and dauntlessness are what marked him out. Sadly, he didn't constantly time them precisely.

Patrick Vieira



and France star Patrick Vieira was an impressive figure in the football field, however some of the time his temper showed signs of improvement. 

An aggressive and strong midfielder, Vieira's job as a master included a lot of risks. In any case, he often misinterpreted and wound up on an inappropriate side of officials most of the time that he may have loved. 

The 1990s and mid-2000s in the PL are characterized by Vieira's running fights with Man United's Roy Keane, a hostility he even outstandingly conflicted with off the pitch. Having 8 PL red cards during his football, Vieira is the Premier League's joint record holder.

Zinedine Zidane

Zinedine Zidane is one of the best French soccer players ever, having amazing degrees of expertise, yet he had a gigantic shortcoming as well: his searing disposition. 

Indeed, even before his ridiculous headbutt to Marco Materazzi in the 2006 World Cup, Zidane had gained notoriety for getting angry during matches, having been sent off in the 1998 World Cup for a stamp on Fuad Anwar from

Saudi Arabia

Zidane amassed 12 red cards over his clubs as well, which isn't run of the mill of a footballer famous for his elegant style of play.

Vinnie Jones

Vinnie Jones begins us off with 12 red cards. Jones has needed to tame his temper in the wake of turning into an on-screen character in 1998. Prior to this, he committed fouls early and regularly, even a negligible 5 seconds into matches.

Jones was a player of the

Wimbledon Football Club

nicknamed the Insane Gang and assisted them to defeat Liverpool in the 1988 FA Cup Final. You're a screwball when you're captaining a side called in that way. Vinnie has been named as one of football's tough men. It says everything that Vinnie Jones would later proceed to turn into an actor in criminal movies in the wake of hanging up his boots. 

Portrayed by being amazingly fierce when doing fouls, this footballer stood out forever as one of the footballers with the most red cards in football history. 

He didn't appear to mind accepting such a significant number of red cards. Each match he played, was brimming with fouls on his side. This style of play kept him from turning into a footballer known for his football abilities. Then again, he is associated with having seen 12 red cards. 

In spite of his consistent infractions, he figured out how to shape a genuinely decent football career. All through it, he played for some, significant sides like Leeds United, QPR, Wimbledon FC, and Chelsea FC. In these clubs, he displayed that, regardless of having committed a lot of fouls, he was additionally a footballer with great abilities.

Felipe Melo

The Brazilian satisfies his moniker of "Pitbull," getting a huge number of 14 red cards. Felipe Melo conveys the determination of an MMA warrior. He likewise sent off in his

Inter Milan

days for karate-kicking a footballer in the face. Melo is well known by football fans.

With a more than worthy football career, the Brazilian was extremely gifted during the match. Be that as it may, his huge defect was his fouls. He was incredibly rough while defending. 

Along these lines, he is one of the footballers with most red cards in the history of this game. His tirelessness at the hour of defending drove him to commit numerous fouls during the game. All things considered, his fouls cost to his record 14 red cards that put him in this rundown. 

Nobody questions the ability of this former footballer, yet his enormous number of fouls left his great game overlooked. Be that as it may, this didn't keep him from framing an incredible football career in which he got some delight titles.

Yannick Cahuzac

The former French defensive midfielder Cahuzac registered his name among forceful footballers around the globe by  3 red cards in 4 matches during the 2016/17

Ligue 1


The French warrior turned into a web sensation during the 2016/17 campaign in the wake of getting those red cards in only 4 matches and was once sent off for taking an electronic board out of a 4th referee's hands. Cahuzac has amassed 17 red cards during his football. He used to show no mercy, in any event.. 

The Frenchman broken bones as a defender and he was famous for submitting a ton of infractions to the opponents. Numerous forwards have him in their memory for the forcefulness that this footballer introduced on the pitch. 

Cahuzac is included in this rundown as he ventured into the historical backdrop of the League One and not on account of his abilities but for the rough style of play. 

Cahuzac was an incredibly aggressive footballer when he was defending. His forceful nature drove him to perpetrate fouls, which could be lawbreakers, against the forwards. This drove Yannick to be included in the positioning of footballers with the highest number of red cards throughout the entire existence of football.

Pablo Alfaro

The Spaniard is tied for the second-most red cards in La Liga history having been 18 times sent off for his underhand moves and it would have been 19 if authorities saw his scandalous stamp on Michel Salgado. 

Probably one of the dirtiest footballers at the hour of playing is Alfaro. His rough style of play drove him to be the second La Liga player with the highest number of red cards ever. It is amazing that his club have not conclusively ousted this footballer. 

Numerous forwards from

La Liga

recollect him for his violent passages. Alfaro hit the strikers as though he wouldn't fret getting cards. This savagery drove him to have various battles with opponents on the pitch. 

In Seville, he was an incredible player. In any case, his huge number of red cards got kept him away from the pitch regularly. Tragically he has squandered his extraordinary ability with his fouls that put him in this rundown.

Paolo Montero


has gained notoriety for delivering hugely aggressive defenders and Paolo Montero is a leading figure. Montero holds the record for most red cards in the historical backdrop of Serie A with 16 in his possession and he amassed aggregate of 21 taking altogether. 

Montero was mentioned stating: "Some of the time you need to anything possible to win and this is my temperament." and his record-breaking number of Serie A red cards proposes he remained consistent with his promise. 

This player is famous for his fouls. Montero's 21 red cards leave more than one with his mouth open. Nobody can contend that he didn't merit them. This footballer played out a ton of unsporting disposition for each match. 

Montero generally defended himself by saying that "everything conceivable must be done to win." This expression fell gravely within the environment of this game. With his expression he clarified that he wouldn't fret hitting his opponents hard in the event that he would celebrate the triumph. 

He never lamented in his numerous meetings. This clarified his objectives were consistently the same, he needed to do the same number of fouls as important to procure the triumph. With this, he picked up devotees and haters, who were in favor and against his mentality.

What's more, he is one of the footballers with the most amount of red cards. Regardless of whether he was right with his way of thinking or not, it relies absolutely upon the translation and mindset of everyone. 

Alexis Ruano Delgado

Alexis Ruano Delgado has been famous for his mentality and his hit on

Mario Mandzukic

. He has been given 22 red cards all through his football career. In case you're thinking about how Delgado figured out how to pile on these numbers of red cards, at that point watching him punch Mario Mandzukic is likely a decent spot to begin. 

Delgado was in all TV programs and consistently encompassed by outrages. His enormous number of infractions drove him to miss a ton of games because of different red cards. 

In spite of the fact that all through his whole career, he got twenty-two red cards, he isn't the dirtiest player and there are players much more dreadful than him. At each phase of his football career he was described by being very forceful on the pitch. 

His most recollected second was the point at which he hit Mandzukic. After an argument about the ball, Mandzukic committed a foul, and Delgado gave him an overwhelming hit to the face. This second went to the memory of fans in the league. 

Sergio Ramos

It is unbelievable to have a list of soccer players with red cards and exclude Sergio Ramos. He has gotten 28 red cards and has the most in La Liga history. The Spaniard additionally has the most red cards in El Clasico with a record of 5 times.

Sergio Ramos holds the record for most sending offs and red cards in La Liga history with a record of 20 times. He is likewise the footballer who has been given most yellow cards throughout the entire existence of the

Champions League

It is, maybe, nothing unexpected either given Ramos' forceful style of play and as he heads into the last phases of his football, it doesn't resemble he's going to change at all. 

Cyril Rool

Rool has been known to start brawls, go into tackles blindly and karate kicking opponents (video below). Receiving 27 red cards Rool has been famous to begin fights, go into challenges aimlessly and karate kicking rivals. picking up 27 red cards all through his football career, it is nothing unexpected Cyril is second on the rundown. Beginning fights, lashing out, and pulling off karate kicks more awful than

Nigel de Jong

's in World Cup 2010 against Spain are simply means of living for a nutcase that sits second in the list.

There are no words to present this player. The main explanation he is famous in this game is for his consistent and criminal infractions. He could have unobtrusively been a karate warrior due to his hits. 

Every one of his rivals has taken a hit from this footballer. In the event that there is something wherein he is talented, it is in hitting his rivals hard. 

Each time he could show an unsporting behavior, he did it paying little heed to the official's reaction. Along these lines, he was kept from hanging out in football.

He got 27 red cards in his football career and he sits in the second place of this standing table. He justifiably turned into one of the footballers with the highest number of red cards in football history with his consistent fouls that demolished this game. 

Gerardo Bedoya 

Apparently the dirtiest footballer ever to step into the field is Gerardo Bedoya. The fighting midfielder amassed an incredible 46 red cards during his spell as a soccer player. Gerardo regularly appeared to be befuddled with regards to whether he was in the octagon or on a football pitch.

The Colombian defensive midfielder nearly made it to 50 years of red cards for accursing minutes of descent like kicking players in the face. Yes, truly. To pick up 46 red cards in your spell is deserving of decoration, particularly when it implies you're 20 away from apparently European football's most disputed center back. 

That being stated, in spite of the fact that


will never really be crowned the greatest red cards receiver in football ever, he has all that could possibly be needed

Champions League

titles to comfort himself with. 



footballer is one of the greatest underrated midfielders in world football. No one understands why a team would place him in the first XI considering his risky displays. No player in history will have the option to arrive at the number of red cards that this midfielder got. 

His style of play was very brutal. He didn't have a clue how to recuperate the balls neatly and depended on solid fouls at whatever point he could. No forward needed to go for a challenge against Bedoya with the ball affected by a paranoid fear of closure with a physical issue. 

What's more, he had genuine demeanor issues. He was constantly associated with battles on the pitch with opponents. The little control of the outrage that this midfielder had, was another huge reason for his unremitting fouls. 

All these rehashed disappointments drove him to amass 46 red cards turning into the player with most red cards throughout the entire existence of this game.

Since Gerardo Bedoya left his football spell, the opponents of this side came back to play football normally. Bedoya has since advanced into the executives with Colombian side Independiente Sante Fe and, normally, got a red card during his first game in the specialized territory.


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