Rangnick confirms Milan interest and reveals what could tempt him back to coaching

Sun 03 May 2020 | 13:46

Linked with Milan, ex-RB Leipzig boss Ralf Rangnick has outlined what it would take to tempt him back to coaching.

Ralf Rangnick has confirmed interest from Serie A giants Milan but revealed "a lot would have to come together" for him to consider a coaching comeback.

The former Stuttgart, Schalke and RB Leipzig boss is now head of sport and development for Red Bull, the group which owns Leipzig.

He has been linked for several months with the Milan top job and has previously spoken of "loose enquiries" from San Siro chiefs.

Stefano Pioli has yet to full convince at Milan since signing a two-year contract to coach the team last October, which has fuelled the Rangnick talk.

"There has been an interest," Rangnick said. "But with the coronavirus there have been other things to consider besides thinking whether Rangnick is the right man for them - and Milan something for me."

Speaking to German newspaper Mitteldeutsche Zeitung, the 61-year-old Rangnick addressed the issue of whether he had a future in coaching.

And he indicated he would only take another job on his terms, insisting he would need his voice to be heard.

"That would depend on the club in question. But that's all hypothetical," he said.

"I've been living in Leipzig for six years, I feel extremely comfortable here and I can very well imagine staying here longer. A lot would have to come together to think about something else."

Rangnick added: "I'm not interested in financial aspects. For me it's about: Do you feel that you have a certain influence? And it's not so much about power, even if you need it in certain situations to get certain things going."

source: SportMob