Football clubs with most trophies in the world

Fri 19 June 2020 | 5:30

Barcelona, Real Madrid or? None! These are indeed the most successful football clubs in Europe. But, did you know that Club Nacional de Football of Uruguay, with 150 trophies, is the football club with most trophies in the world? Stay with us to get more surprised!

The List of Football clubs with most trophies in the world

Here comes the list of football clubs with most trophies in the world...


Rangers (Scotland - 120 trophies)

Founded in 1872 and being the fourth oldest club in Scotland, Rangers have won more domestic trophies than any other club in the world including 54 league titles, 33 Scottish Cups and 27 Scottish League Cups. Although Rangers are not topping the list of 

clubs with most trophies in the world

, at least they are the most decorated club in Scotland with the number of domestic trophies they have won.

Club Nacional de Football (Uruguay - 150 trophies)

The most successful club in the world

and in Uruguay, Club Nacional de Football have won the Primera División title 48 times, Copa de Competencia 8 times, and Copa de Honor 7 times, not to mention that they have also 20 international titles in the bag including three Copa Libertadores.

Nacional is the only Uruguayan team to have won two Copa Interamericanas and the Recopa Sudamericana - an annual international club football competition organized by CONMEBOL since 1988. According to International Federation of Football History and Statistics (IFFHS), Nacional is the seventh best team in South America and the best Uruguayan team between 2001 and 2010.

Al Ahly (Egypt - 141 trophies)

The second most decorated football club in the world; with 141 trophies so far, including domestic - more than 90, confederation and worldwide trophies actually Egyptian Premier League, Egypt Cup, Egyptian Super Cup, Sultan Hussein Cup, CAF Cup Winners’ Cup, CAF Super Cup, FIFA Club World Cup and Arab Club Champions Club just to name a few, Al Ahly are indeed 

the football team with most trophies in the world

, although they are way behind the most successful clubs in the world, namely European giants such as 



Real Madrid

 in terms of skills, abilities, and playstyle.

Known as “the club of the century”, Al Ahly were founded in 1907 in Cairo. Up to now, they have won 42 Egyptian Premier League titles seven of which have been in a row: 1993-94 to 1999-2000. They have also won 37 national cups and 11 national super cups. Number one in terms of

the most trophies won by a football club in the world, 

Al Ahly remain number one as on other team has broken their record yet.

Boca Juniors (Argentina - 84 trophies)

The most successful team in Argentina, Boca Juniors also own an honorary title awarded by the Argentine Football Association for their successful tour of Europe in 1925. In fact, the Argentinian side ranks third in the world after Real Madrid and Al Ahly, in terms of the number of complete international titles (22).

Olympiacos (Greece - 107 trophies)

With 46 Greek Super League, 28 Greek Cup titles and 4 Greek Super Cup titles to their name, Olympiacos are the most decorated club in Greece, and indeed among the football clubs with most trophies in the world.

In terms of the number of trophies won, Olympiacos remain unrivalled by far in Greece considering that all other Greek clubs have jointly won a total of 39 league titles. Also from 46 league titles they have won in Greek football, 7 have been in a row.

Being rivals to


since long, Rangers are the only football club in Scotland to have won every Scottish trophy in a season, though it happened when they were in lower leagues. Even though Rangers are hardly among the most successful clubs in the world, they are among the most celebrated ones within their own borders, and one of the football clubs with most trophies in the world.


Celtic (Scotland - 111 trophies)

A football giant in their own country and the fifth

football club with the most trophies in the world



have won 40 Scottish Cups, 19 Scottish League Cups and 51 Scottish League titles so far with their league titles in the past nine years to be in a row.

Celtic's golden season was 1966-67 when they reaped the European Cup, as the first British team to win the trophy, the Scottish league championship, the Scottish Cup, the League Cup and the Glasgow Cup altogether in just one season.

Celtic also reached the 1970 European Cup Final and the 2003 UEFA Cup Final, but lost in both and finished as runners-up. Although lost in 2003 UEFA Cup Final to Seville, Celtic’s loyal and sporting behavior earned them Fair Play awards both from UEFA and FIFA.

Barcelona (Spain - 95 trophies)

Some believe Barcelona is

the most successful football club in the world of all time

. Be it true or not, the Catalan club, which has symbolized the Catalan culture through the years, is undoubtedly among the greatest football clubs in the world. Barcelona’s motto is "Més que un club", which means “more than a club”, and the interesting thing about the club is that unlike many football clubs, it is owned and run by supporters.

Let’s take a look at their trophies! 26 LaLiga, 31 Copa del Rey, 13 Supercopa de España, 3 Copa Eva Duarte, and 2 Copa de la Liga trophies. Barcelona are the only team in the world to have won three successive trophies in two seasons, namely 2008-09 and 2014-15, needless to say that, in 2008-09 season they also won Spanish Super Cup, UEFA Super Cup, and FIFA Club World Cup to become the first Spanish club to win six successive trophies in a year.


Real Madrid (Spain - 92 trophies)

Four trophies behind Barcelona,

Real Madrid

is our next football

club with the highest trophies in the world

. Real’s brightest record is their successive Champions League wins from 2016 to 2018; indeed, they are the only club that have won three Champions Leagues back to back.

Real are a big record holder in Spain with the most domestic titles won (34 until 2019-20 season) and the most successive seasons won in a row, namely five seasons from 1960 to 1965 and 1985 to 1990. Although Real don't rank first among the football clubs with most trophies in the world, they do in terms of fame especially in Europe.

All in all, Real have won 66 trophies within their own country including 34 LaLiga titles, 19 Copa del Rey, 11 Supercopa de España, a Copa Eva Duarte, and a Copa de la Liga. In regard to European and international competitions, the club has 13 UEFA Champions League titles, 2 UEFA Cups, 4 UEFA Super Cups, and 7 club world championships in the bag. Not beaten in 121 home matches, Real Madrid hold the the record for longest unbeaten run at home in LaLiga.

Benfica (Portugal - 84 trophies)

The only team in Portugal that have won Portugal’s Primeira Liga 37 times, and 26 Taco de Portugal titles; Maybe not the

football club with most trophies in the world

, but for sure the most successful one in Portugal, Benfica’s best record in European competitions is winning two European Cups in a row, namely from 1960 to 1962.

From 84 trophies


have in the bag, 80 are domestic trophies including 37 Primeira Liga titles, 26 Taça de Portugal, 7 Taça da Liga, 8 Supertaça Cândido de Oliveira and 3 Campeonato de Portugal. The remaining 4 trophies are international, namely 2 European Cups, one Latin Cup and 1 Iberian Cup. Benfica also hold the record of the most consecutive wins in domestic league and the record for the longest unbeaten run in Primeira Liga.


Olympiacos is the only football club in the world to hold the record of winning a series of five or more consecutive championships for five times in their history. Being the most popular club in Athens and the most supported one in whole Greece, Olympiacos is also the first Greek club to have won an international title, namely Balkans Cup in 1963.

Bayern Munich (Germany - 79 trophies)

By far, the best and

most successful football club

in Germany,

Bayern Munich

have won 31 Bundesliga titles nine of them have been consecutive and are the only German club to have won both Intercontinental Cup and Club World Cup. They have also won 3 consecutive European Cups under the captaincy of Franz Beckenbauer from 1974 to 1976 and 17 DFB-Pokals.

Their major non-domestic trophies include one UEFA Cup, one European Cup Winners' Cup, two UEFA Super Cups, two FIFA Club World Cups and two Intercontinental Cups. Legends such as

Franz Beckenbauer


Gerd Muller

, and

Sepp Maier

who became known later as the axis played for the club during their successful seasons.

Galatasaray (Turkey - 100 trophies)

The most successful football club in Turkey, Galatasaray have not only won a number of domestic trophies including 22 Super Lig titles, 18 Turkish Cups and 16 Turkish Super Cups, but also UEFA Cup and UEFA Super Cup in 2000, becoming the first Turkish club to have won a major UEFA competition.

Galatasaray is among the three big teams in Turkey to have participated in all seasons of the Super Lig since 1959. The four stars above their club crest is a mark of their 20th championship in Turkey’s Super Lig – each star represents five championships.

Some of their international titles include 3 Intercontinental Cups, 6 Copa Libertadores, 4 Recopa Sudamericana, and 2 Copa Sudamericana. In February 2011, the International Federation of Football History & Statistics (IFFHS) named Boca as the top South American club of the first decade of the 21st century.

Porto (Portugal - 79 trophies)

The most decorated football club in Portugal after Benfica,


have won 29 Primeira Liga titles seven of which have been consecutive, 17 Taça de Portugal, 4 Campeonato de Portugal, and 22 Supertaça Cândido de Oliveira.

In terms of international torphies, Porto is the most decorated club in Portugal with 7 trophies including two UEFA Champions Leagues and two UEFA Cups, won when they had

Jose Mourinho

as their manager.

With 24 appearances in UEFA Champions League group stage, Porto alongside Bayern Munich have had the most appearances in the competition after Real Madrid and Barcelona with 25 appearances both. Porto are nicknamed Dragons for the fire-breathing dragon at the top their club crest.

Ajax (Netherlands - 76 trophies)

With 35 


 titles, 20 KNVB Cups, 1 UEFA Cup Winners' Cup, 1 UEFA Cup, 4 Champions League titles, and 2 UEFA Super Cups, Ajax are the most decorated football club in the Netherlands.

Ajax are also among the four teams in the world to have won three continental trophies and Club World Cup in the same season. So, although they rank 13th among the football clubs with most trophies in the world, they are one of the highly-regarded clubs in the world.

Ajax are actually named after the mythological Greek hero with the same name whose portrait is on the club’s crest. Legendary

Johan Cruyff

, whose name is as big as all-time giants like

Diego Maradona



, played in Ajax from 1959 to 1973 and 1981 to 1983 winning three European cups with the club and also managed the club from 1985 to 1988.

Zamalek (Egypt - 75 trophies)

The first team to win Sultan Hussein Cup in 1921, Egypt Cup in 1922, and Cairo League in 1922-23 season, Zamalek is a professional Egyptian football club that has never relegated from Egyptian Premier League. In terms of continental trophies, Zamalek have won 5 CAF Champions League titles, 1 CAF Confederation Cup, 4 CAF Super Cups, and 1 African Cup Winners' Cup.

Considered as one of the most successful clubs also in Africa, Zamalek is the first Egyptian team to win the Afro Asian Cup (in 1987). They are also the first Egyptian team to ever qualify for the FIFA Club World Cup (in 2000).


Juventus (Italy - 71 trophies)

The most decorated football club, and maybe the most successful one in Italy,


 have won 36 Serie A titles nine of which have been consecutive, 14 Coppa Italias and 9 Supercoppa Italianas so far plus that no other team in Italy have ever broken their records till now.

In the continental and intercontinental arena, Juventus have 2 Intercontinental Cups, 2 UEFA Champions League titles, 1 European Cup Winners' Cup, 3 UEFA Cups, 2 UEFA Super Cups and 1 UEFA Intertoto Cup in the bag.

In the Italian Football Fedration (FIGC) ranking, Juventus ranks first as the most successful Italian club in history. The club also ranks 5th in Europe and 11th in the world based on the titles and trophies they have won. Stars such as Andrea Pirlo and Gianluigi Buffon and legends like Roberto Baggio and Michel Platini played some time in Juventus during their careers.


Liverpool (England - 69 trophies)

The Premier League

leaders after 29 years,


are among the English football giants, Manchester United, Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur, if not surpassing them in success.

In fact, they have won 6 European Cups, 3 UEFA Cups, and 4 UEFA Super Cups, which is a record yet not broken by any English club. They have also 1 FIFA Club World Cup, 19 Premier League/First Division championships, 7 FA Cups, 8 League Cups, 1 Football League Super Cup and 15 FA Community Shields in the bag. Impressive!

Liverpool has been the home to great players such as

Steven Gerard

, Kenny Dalglish, John Barnes, Luis Suarez,

Luis Suarez


Steve McManaman

, and Xabi Alonso. They are also the record holders concerning their finishing position in the league: the highest average league finishing position (3.3) for the past 50 years - up to 2015.


Atletico Penarol (Uruguay - 69 trophies)

The second most successful club in Uruguay and the fourth

football club with most trophies in the world

, Atletico Penarol are the 50-time winners of Primera División. In 2009, they were named “South American Club of the Century” by the International Federation of Football History & Statistics (IFFHS) that awarded them 531 points based on their victories in quarterfinals or higher in international competitions.

Among other trophies won by the club are Supercopa Uruguaya (1 time), Intercontinental Cup (3 times), Copa Libertadores (5 times), Intercontinental Champions' Supercup (1 times), Copa de Honor Cousenier (3 times), and Tie Cup (1 time). Former Manchester United and Inter star,

Diego Forlan

, not only played for some time Atletico Penarol but also coaches the team these days – actually from January 2020 till now.


Manchester United (England - 68 trophies)

Maybe not

the most successful football club in the world

, but indeed one of the most successful clubs in England; apart from their trophies that consist of 20 First Divison/Premier League titles, 12 FA Cups, 5 League Cups and 21 FA Community Shields,

Manchester United

have been the home to many great players such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney, Roy Keane, David Beckham, Ryan Giggs, Marl Hughes, Eric Contona, Peter Schmeichel, and

Sir Alex Ferguson

to name a few.

With Sir Alex Ferguson, Manchester United won 38 trophies including 13 Premier League titles, 5 FA Cups and 2 UEFA Champions Leagues. Manchester United also hold a record as the most valuable club in the world in 2019 with their value reaching $3.81 billion.


Anderlecht (Belgium - 68 trophies)

Royal Sporting Club Anderlecht, shortly known as


 is the most successful football club in Belgium, with 34 Belgian First Division A and 5 European titles. They are also the nine-time winner of the Belgian Cup and the only club in Belgium to have won the most consecutive Belgian league titles, namely between 1963 and 1968.

Some of their European titles include 1 UEFA Cup, 2 UEFA Cup Winners’ Cups, and 2 UEFA Super Cups. In 1986, Anderlecht achieved their best UEFA ranking with a joint first place with Juventus. One interesting fact about Anderlecht is that since World War II, they have always finished the season in one of the top six positions of Belgian First Division.

FCSB (Romania - 60 trophies)

Formerly known as Fotbal Club Steaua București, FCSB actually belonged to the Romanian Army until 1998 that the club and its facilities were separated from the armed forces. FCSB has never relegated from the topflight Romanian league, Liga I. The club is the winner of 26 Liga 1 titles, 24 Cupa României, 2 Cupa Ligii, and 6 Supercupa României.

Like Liverpool, the club is a great record holder in its own country, Romania, with none of the above-mentioned records broken yet any Romanian club. They also won the European Cup and European Super Cup both in the same year, 1986, and in 1989 had they not been defeated by A.C Milan in the European Cup final, they had added one more international trophy to their already-accumulated trophies.

Club Olimpia (Paraguay - 54 trophies)

Club Olimpia, which is internationally referred to as Olimpia Asunción to be distinguishable from Latin American football clubs with the same name, is the only Paraguayan club to have won a CONMEBOL title. They have also won 3 Copa Libertadores, 2 Recopa Sudamericanas, 1 Intercontinental Cup, 1  Copa Interamericana, and 1  Supercopa Sudamericana.

In terms of domestic trophies, Olimpia have won 45 Primera División titles, six of which have been consecutive. This is a record yet not broken by any other team in the Paraguayan professional league.


Deportivo Colo-Colo (Chile - 53 trophies)

The most successful football club in Chile, Deportivo Colo-Colo have never relegated from Chilean Primera División plust that they have won more league titles, namely 32, and more Chilean Cups (12) than any other team in Chile.

Colo-Colo have the most number of supporters in Chile and are the first Chilean team to have won a continental tournament, namely Copa Libertadores in 1991. In 2009, the International Federation of Football History & Statistics (IFFHS) named the team as the 20th century's top club in their own country.

AC Milan (Italy - 50 trophies)

Except for two relegations in 1980–81 and 1982–83 seasons, AC Milan have always played in the Italian topflight league, Serie A, since their foundation in 1899. In terms of the number of FIFA and UEFA trophies, AC Milan are the fourth in the world and the first in their own country with a total of 18 trophies from both associations.

Milan are the second most successful football club in Italy jointly with Inter with 18 Serie A titles, however, they are at the bottom of the list of Football clubs with most trophies in the world.

Milan have won 3 Intercontinental Cups, 1 FIFA Club World Cup, 7 Champions League titles which is a record in Italy, 5 UEFA Super Cups (a joint record) and 2 Cup Winners' Cups. Quite impressive for a Serie A club!

Great players such as Paulo Maldini, Franco Baresi, Kaka, Andrea Pirlo, Roberto Donadoni, Marco Van Basten, Ruud Gullit and Roberto Baggio have played some time during their careers in the Italian club.

Grasshopper Club Zurich (Switzerland - 50 trophies)

With 27 Swiss Super League titles and 19 Swiss Cups won, Grasshopper Club Zurich, simply referred to as GC, GCZ, or Grasshoppers is

the most successful football team in the world

? No! But in Switzerland, ja, plus that it is also the oldest one in Zurich.

Among all the teams already mentioned above as the most decorated ones either in the world or in their own country, Grasshoppers is the only club with no international honor, although they have had a number of appearances in European Cups and the UEFA Champions League.


source: SportMob