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Unbelievable Things Ever to Happen on Football Pitch

Here are some of the most stunning moments in world football ever.

Football has created the absolute most prominent sporting times we have ever observed; it has likewise delivered the absolute generally perplexing in that regard.

We would all be able to recall the minutes when our preferred side scored in the stoppage times to take triumph from the jaws of thrashing. We have likewise observed mind boggling players achieve unbelievable accomplishments and thought about how on earth they made it? 

Simultaneously we've seen a pail heap of minutes where we have screamed at the TV to such an extent that we are fed up with it, arguing for a person or thing to reestablish the world to its appropriate spot as our side  lose the run of themselves totally.

What do you hope to see when you watch a soccer competition? Goals? Some defensive works? Perhaps a card or two? That all appears to be superbly sensible. From time to time, however, something occurs on the field that no one could have anticipated. Here are some of the unbelievable events ever to happen in a soccer match. 

Football pitches over the world have been home to some unfathomably significant times. Shocking goals, awesome assists and fantastic bits of abilities in every case live long in our mind.

Once in a while, fans get the opportunity to see something absolutely insane which they will presumably never observe again, and it doesn't generally connect to the real football being played. 

Football has delivered some stunning times, both great and terrible. 

The historical backdrop of the Excellent game is rich with occasions that make fans wonder what could have been the case. 

Catastrophes have happened, players have lost their heads and, in progressively positive occurrences, sides perform past desires.

Here are some of the Unbelievable things to ever happen on a football pitch:

This list could be loaded up with many events over the world.

Armed PAOK owner invades the pitch to kill the ref

A controversial goal toward the finish of a Greek Super League game between AEK and title opponents PAOK prompted a field attack by one of the club proprietors, who seemed by all accounts to having a firearm. 

Fernando Varela scored a goal from a header in the last minute, putting host PAOK ahead 1-0. The referee denied it for offside. 

PAOK's proprietor, Ivan Savvidis, went ahead the pitch two times and was joined by guardians. On the subsequent event, without the jacket he was wearing previously, Savvidis seemed to having a gun. 

AEK authorities guaranteed Savvidis threatened the ref during his first raid onto the field. 

The match was suspended and the arena was discharged of fans, however the goal was in the end permitted to stand and PAOK was granted a 1-0 win. 

The Greek side's proprietor raged on to the field to make his emotions known to the ref, which is awful enough all alone, however he did as such with a weapon. He's since been restricted from football arenas for a long time.

Brazilian goalkeeper checks his phone during the match


Now and then you can't concentrate on one thing in turn. We've all experienced that. You're on significant occasion and you realize you have either a critical message, one which could be sat tight for however, truly shouldn't. Time is of the quintessence.

So you take your smartphone, you check it and you get found doing as such. You become flushed, and you slide that smartphone directly over into your pocket until the following snapshot of chance emerges. 

The previously mentioned circumstances will be the case in which you hope to see somebody shrewdly sneak out their smartphone. An important soccer game is truly not one of those cases, particularly when it includes one of the footballers. 

Yet, that is actually what occurred in a Brazilian Serie A match when 


goalkeeper chose to pull out his smartphone only seconds before kick off. 

Doubting home fans at the stadium rushed to utilize their own devices to feature and offer what their goalkeeper was doing, yet fortunately were likewise pleasant enough to permit him to communicate something specific with no observable interference. 

What the goalkeeper was doing is obscure, however his director, was similarly as confused as possible.

Headbutting Materazzi's chest for verbal provocation




and Materazzi were running up the field near one another, they quickly discussed after Materazzi was seen pulling at Zidane's pullover before Zidane started to leave him. Minutes after the fact, Zidane out of nowhere halted, turned around and headbutted Materazzi. In spite of the fact that play was stopped, ref didn't seem to have seen the encounter. As indicated by game authorities' reports, fourth ref Luis Medina Cantalejo informed Elizondo of the occurrence through his headset. After counseling his partners, Elizondo gave Zidane a red card in the 110th minute.

It denoted the fourteenth by and large sent off in Zidane's vocation, and went along with him with Cameroon's Rigobert Song as the main players to be sent off during two separate World Cups. He additionally turned into the fourth player red carded in a World Cup , notwithstanding being the primary sent off in last minutes.

Dog makes incredible save during soccer match


A dog safeguarded a football team from a conceivably humiliating blunder by catching a ball that was going towards the back of the net. 

The extraordinary block occurred on a match between two Argentinian 


Unida and 

Defensores de Belgrano

. Belgrano goalkeeper had to kick the ball once more into play, yet rather, he sent it for a Juventud striker. 

The situation could become south for the Belgranos when the ball headed towards their back of the net that was left without keeper. In any case, fortunately a dog founded over the pitch, controlling the ball before fleeing. 

While Juventud proceeded to lose the game 3-0, individuals were praising the unidentified dog as a legend.

James Rodriguez and the giant grasshopper

There is no greater tournament in soccer than the World Cup. Individuals over the world get that, and it would seem that other creatures do so. 





match in the quarter-final of the 2014 World Cup, ​James Rodriguez was attacked by what resembled a huge grasshopper, which arrived on his arm to praise him as he netted a goal. 

There have been tons of animal rushes throughout the years however this visitor in Brazil takes some beating. Hitching a ride on James Rodriguez's arm after he'd scored a goal, the grasshopper was presumably trying to put the goal scorer off their game. It worked and they lost 2–1.

The French referee who kicked out at a player during a Ligue 1 game


Soccer is a serious game so it's not bizarre for scratches and fights to break out during a match, yet they don't will in general include the ref. During a Ligue 1 game between 




, Tony Chapron crashed into 

Diego Carlos

 and took a tumble. The incident looked harmless, yet as Chapron hit the turf he kicked out at the Nantes player, before standing up and having the nerve to send the defender off. Maybe it was vengeance for what Di Canio did to Paul Alcock. 

Ghost goal' between Hoffenheim and Bayer Leverkusen

Soccer is a straightforward sport. To score you should make the ball cross the line, however as a rule it needs to go between the posts. Not so for Stefan Kiessling. In a 2013 Bundesliga match the German forward jumped on the finish of a cornerkick and headed the ball goalwards against Hoffenheim. In the following seconds the ball crossed the line, yet after looking into it further the ball had hit the side netting and discovered its way into the back of the net. Indeed, even the striker himself appeared to be confused, and seemed to bring up it to the ref, however the ref granted the goal. 

Kiessling seemed to have headed wide and even push his arms into the air in disappointment at his loss. 

Be that as it may, the ball at that point crept through a little opening in the side netting of the goal. 

The ref granted the goal in spite of the irate fights of Hoffenheim fans.

Kiessling isn't the only player to score a ghost goal. 

Bayern Munich

 player Thomas Helmer likewise profited in spite of the fact that the ball not going into back of the net in a 2-1 win over Nuremberg On April 23, 1994.

Cabbage thrown at Aston Villa boss Steve Bruce

Aston Villa's unpleasant patch has end up being a lot for a fan who has vented his dissatisfaction by propelling a cabbage at chief Steve Bruce. 

At the point when Villa had won just one of their last nine matches in a run of form which has stirred discontent from the porches. 

Serenades of "we need Bruce out" have been heard on ongoing endlessly outings. 

Be that as it may, a displeased fan at Villa Park changed the verbal insults to a vegetable by launching a cabbage toward Bruce. 

An onlooker stated: "It was created out of a white plastic sack and launched towards Bruce by irate fan. He yelled 'This is the thing that you've done!'". 

The picture of the cabbage sat alongside the hole has gone down in soccer ever, yet for all unreasonable reasons.

Three yellow cards and one red face

Everything we do begins with rules and soccer is no special case. We would all be able to concur rules are expected to forestall disarray and to keep thing moving the correct way, be it street rules, or sports rules. Football like some other games has its own arrangement of rules which ought to be followed, and the individuals behind creation sure the players adhere to the guidelines are the refs. Yet, what happens when refs commit an error? What happens when the individual who investigates the standards doesn't tail them himself? We will watch that right now, will discuss the main player who figured out how to stay away from the sent off with 2 yellow cards in a match. 

In 2006 


played against 


and in addition to the fact that it was likewise a match with a ton of contentions. 

The ref for this game was Graham Poll who refereed two games with no issues at all, yet this was a long way from valid in the match that was to come, where he gave 3 yellow cards to Josip Simunic. 

Just 5 minutes after the Croatian goal, it was the 61st-minute when Simunic by and by fouled Harry Kewell for what he was given the second yellow card but no red card followed. As the ref drew closer to show Simunic his second yellow card, Simunic tried to leave the arena yet he before long acknowledged Graham Poll didn't hold the red card. The Croatian stayed on the field in spite of the reality he realized the ref committed an error. It was a significant game for Croatia to win. Not so much a reasonable.

Simunic got his third yellow card and lastly a red card, which didn't mean a great deal by then. 

The referee whose teeth fell out and couldn’t blow to finish match

Danish club Ebeltoft faced Norager that were driving 4-3 with seconds to the end when Ebeltoft went on the offense. As they started attacking, in any case, ref Henning Erikstrup went to blow the last whistle to end up the match. 

However, the issue was that his dentures dropped out as he went to peep the whistle implying that no noise provided and the game proceeded as usual.  Ebeltoft found the back of the net to make it 4-4 when Erikstrup discovered his dentures and set them into his mouth. Erikstrup prohibited the goal, giving Norager a 4-3 win. Ebeltoft's protests were denied. 

Eric Cantona's Kung-Fu kick against Crystal Palace fan 1995

The Frenchman was at that point a symbol for 

Man United

 fans subsequent to supporting them to progressive trophies in the wake of 26 years, after his arrival from 


in November 1992. This retaliatory demonstration of brutality, which he never endeavored to explain, just added to his legend. 

Minutes sooner Cantona had been given red card for kicking Richard Shaw after the they fought for a ball. 

As Cantona strolled off down the side of the field, accompanied by 


Norman Davies, Palace fan Matthew Simmons started trash talk.

Cantona jump over the ad hoardings and planted a flying-kick onto Simmons' chest, followed up by a hand punch. 

Occupied with rearranging his exhausted side Ferguson didn't see the kick, just getting the tailend of the occurrence.

Diego Maradona's "Hand of God" 1986 World Cup


It is not clear how pretty much every other person appeared to comprehend what had occurred aside from the ref at that point. Pictures and even video replays show that something was out of order. 

It was a stunning piece of play from the 


During the 1986 World Cup, The Hand of God is the name given to the unlawful soccer goal scored by 

Diego Armando Maradona

 in the quarter-final game between Argentina and 


. on June 22, 1986, the goal scored at the Azteca Stadium in Mexico City. 

Based on rules, Maradona must have gotten a yellow card for a handball incident and the goal prohibited. In any case, the ref made the off base call. The match finished with a 2–1 win for the Argentines, on account of a subsequent goal netted by Maradona, known as the Goal of the Century. 

In the wake of the game, Diego Maradona expressed that the goal was scored, "a little with his head, and a little with the Hand of God".

Referee attacked by a man driving his car onto the field


In South Africa, one of the fans has strangely rushed into the field trying to attack the ref. 

The game between Luka Ball Controllers and Polokwane City Rovers has canceled in the interest of spectators' safety. 

One of the fans attacked the ref in his BMW as he was discontent with the official decisions against his side on various events. 

The fan was allegedly perturbed when he saw his team go 2-1 behind in the wake of leading the match 1-0.

Patrick Battiston loses his teeth against Harald Schumacher


One of the best World Cup matches between France and Germany has been eclipsed to a great extent by Harald Schumacher. With an end goal to prevent the Frenchman netting a goal, Schumacher slammed into an astonishing smack with Battiston. He was knocked out and lost his two front teeth. The West German keeper's act has been called one of the most noticeably awful jumps in history. 

In the wake of that collision at the point when a French paper asked perusers who the evilest man in German history had been, Schumacher lost the first place to Adolf Hitler.

Adam Ljungkvist sent off for Massive farting on the pitch

A Swedish soccer ref gave Adam Lindin Ljungkvist the second yellow card at the point when he farted on the pitch considering it unsportsmanlike.

The 25-year-old playing for Pershagen SK against Jarna SK obviously farted so noisily that different players heard it. 

Adam stated he's stunned that farting has made him a web superstar including "Being on Facebook and looking down and seeing your own face on The Sport Bible, that is simply insane. Believe it or not, this happened, I don't generally think about farting as everybody does it"

Goalkeeper astonishing stoppage-time equalizer with a bicycle kick

It has to be each keeper's fantasy to come up for a corner kick in stoppage time and netting with a bicycle kick. 

What's more, that is what occurred in the South African League where Oscarine Masuluke chose to try his luck in scoring for an equalizer against Orlando Pirates in 2016. 

Masuluke joined the attack with 96 minutes appearing on the clock.

Be that as it may, in the wake of opponents keeper got a fist to the ball Masuluke finished it. the madcap celebrations after the goal were as stunning as the overhead kick.

Football game descends into viciousness

Spanish footballers are famous for their blazing nature and that was unquestionably demonstrated by players from 

Rayo Vallecano


Sporting Gijon


Everything began after Gijon netted and one of the Vallecano defenders denied rivals to take the ball back and it resulted in a genuine fight. 

What started as an irate stare down between the striker and the defender before long resulted in a 22-player fight on the pitch as mentors and match authorities got included.

You would prefer not to miss this Spanish match.

Field invader netted the last-gasp equalizer in a Honduran league game

This is the reason soccer is a delightful sport.  Since even with a full arrangement of regulations, things despite everything turn out badly.

The match between 




, which was ready with the away group 2-1 ahead in the 93rd moment. 

The Motagua defender had to go under an overwhelming attack with 

Roger Rojas

 looking for first goal. 

In the interim, on the opposite side, a pitch invader dribbles into the box with another ball. 

As Rojas discovers some space and crushes scoring the goal, the invader additionally moves his own ball and find the back of the net. 

Presently we ought to be clear, Rojas netted the equalizing, however seeing two balls coming the way left him in a universe of disarray. 

Furthermore, justifiably he was very furious. The match must have been halted ahead of the situation where the invader even got an opportunity to have a shot at goal.

The goalkeeper made his voice heard and grumbled to the ref, however, his thinking failed to attract anyone's attention and the objective stood.

Mad keeper rattle his noggin off the post after conceding a goal

All Goalkeepers are somehow insane. From Rene Higuita to Bruce Grobbelaar. It's a typical view of the individuals who play between the sticks and 

Cray Valley

 goalkeeper Jordan Carey does his best to demonstrate it with his act in the wake of conceding one. 

Subsequent to 5-2 loss against 

Ashford United

, Carey headbutts the post multiple times ahead of punching it.

Ballybrack FC faked death of player to avoid playing a game


Fernando Nuno Lafuenta Saiz who found himself 'dead' via web-based media after his club created a story to avoid a game has conceded he had realized something was going on.

Be that as it may, he thought his team made the story breaking his leg. 

Rather, the player discovered the club had faked the news to avoid the next match against Arklow Town FC. 

Finally, an announcement guaranteed the mix-up was made by an individual encountering extreme personal troubles.

Banned Turkish fan hires a crane to watch football matches

A Turkish soccer fan prohibited from his preferred side's arena had flagged his enthusiasm for 


by utilizing a crane to watch a game. 

In 2018, Ali Demirkaya Denizlispor supporter on the crane included: "That game was significant for Denizlispor. I needed to go to sign a paper to show that I am not watching the match in the arena. At that point, I immediately went to rent the crane." 

Denizlispor dominated the game against 



Manchester City fan brings dead chickens into Arena

A Man City fan had been prohibited in the 1995-96 campaign for carrying chickens into the arena celebrating goals by swinging the chickens in the air. In a demonstration that has just advanced into team folklore.

Fan takes a penalty and scores a goal

It is believed fans are their side's twelfth man, however, at a 2009 Russian Premier League the energetic fan took his job excessively far when 


's Alex was getting ready to take a shot against FC 


. He ran in front of Alex and scored a goal with his left foot. 

The pleased fan could then be seen running while saluting the crowd.

Despite the fact that Alex was hence ready to dispatch his own shot effectively, the supporter's heroics neglected to motivate his team and they lost.

Kuwaiti football boss rushes the pitch

The 1982 World Cup was an authentic gold mine of insane authorities, yet this one takes the cake for debate. 

In a game of 




, France were leading 3-1, and they netted once more as their rivals' who thought they heard the sound of a whistle, did not stop them. What occurred next went into viral games feature history. 

The leader of the Kuwaiti football body Prince Fahid rushed the field and advised the national side to leave in dissent of the game. The ref accordingly, denied the goal. France, in the end, won 4-1, however, it's Fahid's endeavor to step in and play administrator that fans will recollect. 

Barbados scores an own goal to advance in a tournament

In 1994 the Barbados side netted an own goal so as to progress to the finals so as to confront 

Trinidad and Tobago

, the team expected to win by two goals but they concede a goal, the Barbadians realized the best alternative is to take the game into extra time. So they netted an own goal.

The Barbados side needed to dominate the game. The guidelines basically at the time determined that if the score were tied toward the finish of the game, the match would proceed into extra time, and the team to score during the additional time frame would be viewed as a two-goal winner. 

Barbados acknowledged with 3 minutes remained they were probably not going to net another goal and purposely kicked the ball into their own goal to tie the match at 2-2. 



plays a sick Ronaldo in the 1998 World Cup

The pressure encompassing Ronaldo Nazario's from in 1998 World Cup final game against France remains to some degree mysterious til today. 

As indicated by the team specialist the prior night something occurred. Ronaldo had been taken to the clinic in the wake of encountering a concise seizure in his sleep. What's more, it didn't seem like Ronaldo would make it. Be that as it may, 30 minutes ahead of starting the match, his name was back on the teamsheet. Not totally up to quality, Ronaldo normally failed to meet expectations, and 


supported France got the triumph. 

Referee shoots dead football coach who queried his decision

Bill Shankly once stated, "A few people accept football involves life and passing, I am exceptionally disillusioned with that attitude. I can guarantee it is a whole lot more significant than that." It took a ref, a mentor, a debate and a shot to demonstrate his point. 

This isn't odd as much as it is heartbreaking and dreadful, yet as far as rather crazy decisions, there is really no equivalent. in 2004 the fight started with a yellow card on a player from Marcelle Club. At the point when it appeared as though it would turn crazy, the ref pulled out a firearm and fired the Marcelle mentor. The mentor passed on from his injury and Police referred to self-protection in his activities.

North Korea defeats Italy in the 1966 World Cup

Group 4 of the 1966 FIFA World Cup included Chile, Soviet Union, Italy, and North Korea. North Korea finished second to Soviet Union and both progressed to the quarter-finals. Italy and Chile failed to progress. 

In 1966 North Korea demonstrated a strong display to defeat Italy. The final product was a 1-0 margin however it sent shockwaves when it occurred. 

North Korea nearly proceeded to stun 


also however helped Eusebio convey one of the best World Cup exhibitions in history. 



defeats France


in the 2002 World Cup

In the initial round of the 2002 World Cup, Senegal defeated the dominant World and European champions. 

Senegal highlighted various footballers carrying out their specialty across France. 

Be that as it may, the Africans were not completed there. They accomplished two additional ties and went on to quarterfinals ahead of losing to Turkey. They defeated a gifted Swedish team to arrive at the game against 


Senegal's results incited some great moves for footballers like El-Hadj Diouf.

Italian footballer urinated on the pitch

FC Turris' Giovanni Liberti has been suspended 5 games for peeing toward the rivals fans during a match against A.S.D. Pol. Sarnese. There doesn't seem, by all accounts, to be any video film accessible of it.

The club clarified that the player was tucking his shirt into his shorts in front of the fans adding "The visiting club confirmed that our footballer didn't do anything of the sort. Unfortunately, once again, we find ourselves faced with injustice. Our player Liberti absolutely did not do what is alleged."

Luis Figo was attacked with a pig's head

Luis Figo made his exit from 



Real Madrid

 in 2000 for a then world record. Real Madrid's Luis Figo confronted something very stunning on the pitch in November 2002. Ballon d'Or winner who was unmistakably making the most of his time was attacked with a pig's head! Different things were thrown into the field in Figo's direction.



star was consistently mishandled by fans during his comeback to Nou Camp. In any case, they went too far when they attacked Figo with a pig's head. 

Since that occurrence happened, the pig's head has been kept in the Barcelona historical center.

Jamie Carragher threw a coin at a fan

With 20 minutes of an extraordinarily tempered match against 


, Dennis Bergkamp sent off for a challenge on Jamie Carragher. His dismissal motivated an 


fan pelting a coin at Carragher. 

Carragher responded seriously, getting the coin and flinging it again. Ref Mike Riley quickly sent him off down the tunnel as well. 

Carragher quickly apologized after the match, confessing it wasn't right for him to respond in the manner he had. He added: "I was exhausted and did it out of the blue. Any individual who knows me will acknowledge it was totally unusual however I'm not going to make excuses. Finally, Carragher was fined £40,000 by Liverpool.

Owl dies after being kicked by Luis Moreno

This incident would go into the record books as one of the most unusual events throughout the entire existence of football. During a game between 

Junior de Barranquilla


Deportivo Pereira

, Barranquila's mascot flew to the cold earth with a harmed wing. Moreno was crazy to kick the owl, and the barn owl died due to the kick. 

The owl was Atletico Junior's mascot and it was believed that when he flew into the field, they constantly won. 

The flying creature arrived on the field with an evident broken wing and the game halted, Moreno incited an enraged response from the spectators. 

Fortunately, he got away from prison however was restricted for 2 matches and fined $500.

Ashley Vickers rugby-tackled a streaker

Ashley Vickers was sent off when a streaker wearing a Borat mankini attacked the pitch during a match in 2011. 


Dorchester Town

's footballer tackled the wrongdoer to the ground, he was staggered to be sent off by the ref. 

In an incident that must be counted as one of the most stunning purposes behind a red card ever, the footballer was provided his marching orders during the match. 

All players of both sides had stood watching distracted as the man went around the field for thirty seconds. However, after a couple of unsuccessful efforts to get the streaker, Ashley Vickers willingly volunteered to stop him. 

In spite of the fact that it was a security mistake to allow the streaker to enter, Vickers was given a red card. 

Paolo Di Canio pushed over a referee

Paolo di Canio was a very particular figure as a footballer and went beyond the breaking point in a match between 

Sheffield Wednesday



in 1998 causing a stun among the fans. Subsequent to being sent off Di Canio pushed the ref, Paul Alcock, to the ground. 

For this incident, he was restricted for 11 matches and fined £10,000. De Canio explained what happened on that day including "I attempted to stop it and push them away," he revealed to Sky Sports. "Simultaneously, Martin Keown came and in a clever and pernicious manner attempted to push away Patrick and use his elbow in my face." 

"I attempted to get his neck, his eyes, and kick his leg," stated Di Canio. "That was a moronic act however sense instinct response." 

at that point, he was sent off. 

"At the point when I saw Paul Alcock, in a rash second, put in my face the red card, I lost my temper," he says. "I lost everything, I really pondered internally that I had gotten the elbow, felt this agony and furthermore you sent me off? So I pushed him away with no bad manner. It was just a push, which obviously wasn't right and Alcock stumbled to the ground."

Paul Gascoigne booked referee Dougie Smith

If at any time there was an incident that satisfies the generalization of refs being joyless spirits, it was this time where Paul Gascoigne playfully punishing a ref while giving him his lost card back, ignoring him as of late had his comical inclination supplanted with a stone. 

This was the strangest booking in football ever. He simply found the yellow card, got the card and facetiously booked the ref ahead of returning it.

Be that as it may, Dougie Smith booked him without a doubt and since it was the tenth yellow card of the campaign for the player, he lost two next matches. 

Smith has asserted that he felt constrained to book him because of a boss observing his decisions. He dreaded losing points had Gascoigne leave along and that could be deciphered as an insolent activity. 

It was played on December 30 between 




however there was a minimal merry cheer when the referee booked Gascoigne, who had joyfully warned him subsequent to finding his lost card on the grass. 

Everybody truly accepted he would have laughed off with the player yet he thought in another way in the event that he went over any Rangers fan who may have complained. 

Surprisingly In 2007, another match saw Mark Clattenburg drop his yellow card similarly. Gary McSheffrey booked Clattenburg and also wrote his name down at the point when the crowd cheered, however, Clattenburg walked off laughing. The laughed as well.

Luis Suarez bites Branislav Ivanovic, Ottman Bakkal and Giorgio Chiellini

Luis Suarez

 has been punished for bitting rivals three different times.





In 2010, after contention with PSV's Ottman Bakkal, Suarez dove into his shoulders. Suarez faced red card and lost next seven matches. By chance, that was his last game for Ajax as he joined Liverpool not long after the that. 





In 2013, Suarez bit 

Branislav Ivanovic

 at the point when Liverpool faced Chelsea at Anfield in the PL. The situation was missed by the ref, anyway, Ivanovic had signaled to the authorities during the game that he had been bitten. The purposes behind Suarez's activities are indistinct, anyway, it seemed to have been a reaction conceived out of disappointment. Suarez remained on the pitch and proceeded to net an equalizer for The Reds in the stoppage time. Suarez ended up facing media storm similar to that with respect to the Patrice Evra situation. There were discussions for long bans from the FA to be forced, and various individuals even called for Liverpool to fire him. A couple of the reactions were insisting this was the second time that Suarez had done it, having likewise bitten Otman Bakkal while recently. Truth be told, Suarez had to endure the punishement when the Reds bought him. Indeed, Suarez bit Chelsea's, Branislav Ivanovic's hand getting close to Suarez inside the box. This time he was banned for 10 matches. 





In 2014, Everybody recalls when he bit 

Giorgio Chiellini

 in the World Cup when Uruguay faced Italy. The Uruguay international lost next four months subsequently. 

Luis Suarez was back at the World Cup wishing to lead Uruguay winning the tournament, and ideally, he will available for their run this time. However by  bitting Italy's Giorgio Chiellini one of the most stunning occurrences in late World cup history took place. He was eventually sent home from the competition. 

Surprisingly Suarez has been one of the greatest players on the planet during his football career, he has additionally been the game's biggest villain. 

Clive Thomas calls time on to deny Zico and Brazil

On 3 June 1978, one of the important group stage games of World Cup between Brazil and 


, were tied at 1-1 deep into injury time. 

Zico scored a goal from a corner kick and the Brazilians thought they had secured a dramatic victory, yet the ref's last whistle went, denying Brazil to win the game. Welshman referee John Thomas, was facing enraged Brazilians yet there was no change. To make an already difficult situation even worse, replays indicated the header was unmistakably in the net before the whistle went.

Thomas kept on refereeing until 1984, keeping up to the end that his most scandalous decision had been right. "Zico was past the point of no return," he demanded. "Perhaps just four-tenths of a second past the point of no return, however too late by the by."

Drone disturbs Serbia


v Albania


football match

In case you're being picky, this one is over a football field as opposed to on it, yet what it sparks down below is quite insane for sure. During a qualifier for Euro 2016 Serbia and Albania faced each other, a drone displaying a banner concerning questioned areas between the two nations was flown into the arena. In the wake of 

Stefan Mitrovic 

act taking it down, a fight followed between footballers, substitutes and individuals from the crowd. Finally the game was banned and Serbia were granted a 3–0 triumph. 

The game was halted towards the finish of the first half of the when a fight  including various people resulted. The referee Martin Atkinson drove the sides off the pitch after certain fans attacked the field and conflicted with individuals from the Albanian side. In the wake of 30 minutes, the game was abandoned. 

After the match Serbia skipper 

Branislav Ivanovic

 said the Albanian side was not in a physical or mental state to proceed. 

The Albania international side got back to a heroes' greeting in Tirana. 

Eden Hazard versus Swansea


ballboy Charlie Morgan

Wasting the time of the game has gotten perhaps football's darkest skill, including faked injury to slow strolling off the field when being subbed used to run the clock down. In 2013 in a Capital One Cup match between 


and Swansea, even the ball boy Charlie Morgan demonstrated his skills, laying on the ball to waste a few valuable seconds. Eden Hazard didn't see the amusing side, in any case, and kicked him out. The referee sent him off with red card for his actions. 

Eden Hazard who was sent off by Chris Foy, later disclosed: "The kid was laying on the ball and I was simply attempting to kick the ball. I thought I kicked the ball and not the kid. I am sorry." 

Police said Hazard will face no special action. A representative said ball boy had been met within the sight of his father and had not submitted a question or complaint icluding " He didn't sustain any injuries"



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