FIGC president, Gravina, hopes Serie A will resume in July or August

Although Italy is in a lockdown state to prevent further spread of the coronavirus, FIGC president, Gabriele Gravina, is still hopeful Serie A could resume this season be it in July or August.
FIGC president, Gravina, hopes Serie A will resume in July or August

Although Serie A, like other major European leagues, has been put on hold due to coronavirus pandemic, Italian Football Federation (FIGC) president, Gabriele Gravina, still hopes that the Serie A current season could resume in July or August.

Italy is among the nations hardest hit by coronavirus, with at least 74,300 positive cases and more than 7,500 deaths.

As the coronavirus rages across the globe, countermeasuers have been taken to curb further spread of the virus in the form of postponing major sporting events such as Euro 2020, Copa America 2020 and the Olympic Games, however, FIGC president, Gravina, is still hopeful Serie A could resume, although several owners of the league have debated if the current season should be resumed or cancelled out altogehter.

"For as long as I'm able to, I won't lose hope of resuming the campaign. I'll do anything to make that happen. I find giving up very difficult," Gravina told Radio Marte.

"I'm aware that it's still too early to think of a date, but we must think positively. We'll try our best to even play at the cost of asking for support from UEFA and FIFA to go beyond June 30, therefore also taking advantage of July and August.

"Right now, there's no room for individual interests. I plead for common sense because, ultimately, it's the FIGC that will have to decide.

"Tomorrow [Thursday], there will be a new appointment with the government to work on a series of proposals that concern some amendments, which the government will assess, but there are many other issues of our relevance.

"We don't want to ask for money, but we're denouncing a state of crisis. We ask the government to help us with a series of measures to help modernise our game.

"We'll see them tomorrow, then we will meet again next week for a permanent and constant worktable, putting together indispensable ideas to form projects.

"I consider [cancelling the season] a defeat of mine and one that diminishes the value of the competition. It would lead to an unpleasant scenario.

"I stubbornly reject any reflections that lead to such a conclusion. For as long as possible, I will continue to reject these hypotheses."

Prior to the postponement, reigning champions Juventus were a point clear of Lazio through 26 matches in Serie A.

The last league game was played on March 9, with Sassuolo defeating Brescia 3-0.



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