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Redknapp thinks Lampard would boss the dressing room of Chelsea

Sun 16 June 2019 | 5:06

Harry Redknapp is positive that Frank Lampard will show a sufficient authority which ends player power in Chelsea’s locker room.

Lampard’s uncle, the man who convinced Derby to give his nephew a first managing job, believes Lampard can end the unconscious tyranny of Chelsea’s players.

Player authority did for a succession of Chelsea bosses and Sarri's training-ground dissatisfaction was a factor in the Blues not fighting too hard to prevent the Italian moving to Juventus.

However, given the fact that Lampard had won 13 honors with the Blues, He is considered to have the authority. “He won’t stand any nonsense.” Pointed Redknapp. ““Eden Hazard has left and he was a fantastic player. No disrespect to any of the rest of them who are left but none of them can look at Frank and think, ‘I’m a bigger, better player’.

“He’s been a better player for Chelsea than any of them have been. That’s not a bad starting point for him. There won’t be anyone there he can’t handle.”

40-year-old Lampard would have a steadfast upper-hand with the younger generation of Chelsea.

source: SportMob