Leaked: Barcelona's 2020-21 season home kit

Barcelona are arguably one of the greatest and well supported clubs in footballing history.
Leaked: Barcelona's 2020-21 season home kit

There have been many Barca shirts since 1973 and it was just in June that this season’s shirt was revealed which has a checkboard pattern and is inspired by the gridded streetscape of Barcelona’s Eixample district.

But now there is a new shirt again; but this time not for this season but  Barcelona's new 2020-2021 home jersey which is set to bring another new and revolutionary look for the club, with thin gold stripes appearing between the traditional blue and red.

About the pattern, just opposite this season’s checkboard pattern, now there are two red stripes on the front. The striping also appears on the sleeves of the Nike Barcelona 2020-21 home shirt, something that hasn't happened for years.

The normal red and blue are different now as well and especially the blue is much lighter.

The new shirt was recently approved by the club and it is inspired by the jerseys worn during the club's highly successful 1920s period.