Getafe will not travel to Milan to face Inter over coronavirus fears

Tue 10 March 2020 | 23:08

According to Getafe president, Angel Torres, Getafe will not be travelling to Italy for the Thursday's Europa League match against Inter to steer clear of coronavirus.

Amid the coronavirus crisis in Italy, Getafe president, Angel Torres, has decided that his team do not go to Milan for their last-16 first-leg clash with Inter in Europa League, although it means they forfeit the match.

With over 9000 people already infected with COVID-19 in Italy, Italian nation has entered a lockdown state after a governmental decree issued by Italian prime minister, Giuseppe Conte, on Monday put more restrictions on the nation.

According to the decree, all sporting events in the country are suspended until April 3, however, the Thursday's Europa League match between Inter and Getafe at San Siro is yet to be played behind closed doors.

Getafe president, Angel Torres, has not risked his men by refusing them to travel to Milan, although this means Getafe will forfeit the opening leg of their round-of-16 tie with Inter.

Speaking on the Onda Cero radio show El Transistor, Torres said: "Unless things change, tomorrow [Wednesday] Getafe will not travel to Italy.

"We have asked UEFA to look for an alternative to play in Milan. We do not want to get into the middle of the coronavirus, we have no need.

"We have also asked the [Royal Spanish Football] Federation for help to demand the suspension.

"If we have to lose the tie, we will lose it. I will not be the one to assume any risk. It makes us very emotional, but if it has to be this way, it will be.

"I have been told to ask the Ministry of Public Works for a special permit [to allow travel to Italy], but I will not ask for any permission. I will not go to a place where I do not want to go.

"The people of Inter with whom we have spoken recognise that it is incomprehensible that we have to travel there. I am not going to consent.

"Getafe will not fly. We are not going to go to Italy. Either the game is moved from there, or it is postponed. The most sensible thing would be to postpone it.

"UEFA tells us to ask the government for a special permit [to travel]. I will not do it, I will stick to the laws of my country."



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