Klopp: I should be an idiot to doubt my men

Tue 03 March 2020 | 12:39

Though already beaten by Watford, Liverpool manager, Jurgen Klopp, keeps faith in his squad ahead of Tuesday's FA Cup fifth-round match against Chelsea in London.

Although Liverpool's unbeaten run in the Premier League ended on Saturday against Watford, Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp, said he would be a "real idiot" to doubt his squad.

Liverpool had remained unbeaten in their previous 44 games, but finally this unbeaten run came to an end as they lost 3-0 to Watford and their hopes of going through the Premier League season undefeated vanished.

Despite their defeat, Liverpool remain 22 points ahead at the top of the league table and on track to claim their first league championship since 1990.

Klopp also keeps faith in his men ahead of Tuesday's FA Cup fifth-round match against Chelsea in London.

"I am not a little bit in doubt about the character of the boys and I would be a real idiot if I would be because they deserve my trust, my faith, and they don't lose it after a bad game," he said.

"It can happen that I get angry but I didn't get angry with the players in this meeting. If I go in that meeting and shout at them like they have lost the last 10 games because of a bad attitude that would be really strange. I am not interested that after the meeting I feel better. I am interested in the boys getting the right information.

"The situation we are in is special. Who can give us advice? Could I say that is the way we have to deal with it because I was there 20 times before and we dealt with it like this and it always worked out? No.

"I was never in a situation like that. We came through an incredible long period with incredible performances, sensational football, wonderful goals and great success until this point.

"There is a reason for losing a game and I prefer seeing the reason than not knowing why. It was not that the fortunes changed or that destiny wanted to give us a knock. We were just not good enough. That is the easy answer and that is filled with a lot of information that the boys get but not too much because we don’t want to think about that game for too long."

source: SportMob