Playing as strikers, perk for wingers Moura and Bergwijn says Murinho

Sat 29 February 2020 | 0:12

Lucas Moura and Steven Bergwijn should not be expected to excel as strikers, since they have never been trained for the role, says Jose Mourinho.

Compared to Kyle Walker's role change at Tottenham, the change of position for wingers, Lucas Moura and Steven Bergwijn, to play as strikers cannot be promising at least at the very start because they have not been trained for the central role says Jose Murinho.

Moura and and Bergwijn have been assigned their new role as a striker, as Tottenham lose their strikers Harry Kane and Son Heung due to injury, whom Mourinho is hopeful could return ahead of schedule.

Tottenham have lost at home to RB Leipzig in the Champions League and away at London rivals Chelsea in the Premier League, since they didn't have Son on the pitch due to the fractured-arm injury he received during the match against Aston Villa.

Although Tottenham have scored just once in the above-mentioned matches – an own goal by Chelsea defender Antonio Rudiger at Stamford Bridge – Murinho is not blaming them.

He considers the issue to be similar to a scenario earlier in the season when Manchester City had to briefly field right-back Walker as a makeshift goalkeeper against Atalanta in the Champions League after Ederson was injured and back-up Claudio Bravo had been sent off.

"[It is difficult] if you ask somebody to do something that he's not used to doing, that he never learned how to do, and he is not a specialist at doing it," Mourinho told reporters ahead of Sunday's clash with Wolves.

"It's a bit like when some goalkeeper gets a red card and you play a player in goal, like Kyle Walker did with Manchester City.

"You don't expect Kyle Walker to make a phenomenal save and grab the ball and be tactically perfect."

Tottenham's head coach, Murinho, is hopeful Moura and Bergwijn do well as strikers as they learn and benefit in the long term.

"You can always learn and, in this job, I think the accumulation of experiences are only making you better," he said. "With the players, it's a little bit of the same.

"For Lucas, for Bergwijn, for these wingers to be playing the way they are playing and [are] probably going to play until the end of the season, it's going to make them better players when they come to the inside.

"They are normally external players - they normally play in the corridor. In this moment, they are learning with the difficulties, they are learning how to play inside.

"So, I think they are going to be better wingers in the future because then they can mix their game in the corridor and their game when they come to the central areas. It's an accumulation of experience."

source: SportMob