Leaked: Chelsea’s 2020-21 Season Home, Away, and 3rd Kits

Tue 18 February 2020 | 13:16

Chelsea is one of the most powerful football clubs in the world. Based in Fulham, London, the club contributes a huge amount to the city’s fame as the world capital of football. Chelsea is often referred to as “The Blues”, and the reason for that is the club’s long history of wearing blue shirts.

Chelsea was established in 1905. Ever since its’ foundation, the club has played in blue; nonetheless, it should be noted that the shirts were Eton blue at the beginning. Eton blue reflected the color worn by the club’s president, Earl Cadagon, in horseracing. However, it did not take Chelsea long to switch to royal blue.

Chelsea has been going through a lot in the current campaign. Given the disagreements between the board and Maurizio Sarri during the last season, Frank Lampard was chosen as the club’s head coach. Moreover, “The Pensioners” were unable to strengthen their squad since FIFA had imposed a two-window transfer ban on them in February 2019. Still, considering the club’s situation, Lampard and the boys are doing a rather good job to secure a top 4 spot in the English Premier League at the end of the 2019-20 season.

We might not know about the players joining Chelsea during the summer, or if the club can make it to the European Champions League in the next year; but We do know, about the club’s home, away, and third kits in the next season! With Yokohama leaving, we will see a new sponsor name on the club’s shirts, which are of course made by Nike. Believing in Nike’s capability to expand the development of the club’s fanbase and marketing, Chelsea signed a 15-year deal worth of £60m a year. In accordance with this deal, Nike has been manufacturing Chelsea’s kits from the 2017-18 season.

We hope you are as interested as we are in knowing about chelsea’s next season kits. So let’s review what we know about the team’s jerseys.

Chelsea’s 2020-21 Season Kits

Are you ready? So let’s start.

Chelsea’s 2020-21 Season Home Kits

Based on the leaked news on Footy Headlines, Chelsea’s 2020-21 season home shirts will be blue. The Nike Swoosh will appear in white. Fine-drawn stripe patterns may feature in the design, and a subtle “The Pride of London” might appear on the lateral stripes or the inner neck of the shirts. The shorts and socks will be blue and white respectively.

Chelsea’s 2020-21 Season Away Kits

Chelsea’s 2020-21 season away kits will be produced in a very bright shade of blue named “cobalt tint”. The color may remind the club’s fans of the 2005-06 away kits made by Umbro. Chelsea’s crest and Nike’s logo will be seen in “blackened blue”, which is a very dark shade of blue as you can probably guess by the name. Patterns of diagonal light grey and navy lines will be arranged in the design of the shirt.

Chelsea’s 2020-21 Season 3rd Kits

“1905” will be covering the whole of Chelsea’s 2020-21 season 3rd kits. The number represents the year the club was founded. The color of the shirts will be a light shade of red combined with a dark blue. The color of the club’s crest and the details of the design are still unknown.

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