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Leaked: Bayern Munich’s 2020-21 Season Home, Away, and 3rd Kits

Tue 14 July 2020 | 11:30

Bayern Munich is the most popular football club in the Bundesliga and one of the most successful ones in the history of football.

FC Bayern was founded in 1900. Meaning “Bavaria”, Bayern wanted to use the Bavarian white and blue colors; however, due to the impossibility of purchasing blue shorts, the club had to settle for black shorts. 

In 1906, Bayern merged with Munchner SC. Bayern’s name and white shirts lived on, but the color of the shorts changed to a dark shade of red.

A bitter fact to know is that the club was ridiculed by the rivals because of the red shorts, as the players were mocked about menstruating.

After a few changes, Bayern Munich finally decided to use red shirts and red shorts with white trims. Before that, red was worn in away matches; however, when it became the color of home kits, white began to be the color of away shirts.

Since 1974,

Bayern Munich

has stayed committed to the same look for most of the seasons.

This season Adidas will produce

Bayern Munich’s home, away and third kits


Adidas has manufactured Bayern Munich’s kits for more than 50 years. Their partnership began in 1974 and has since been extended by several deals. The last deal was announced in 2015 while the club and the company had another 5 years to go.

The deal was reportedly worth €900million and extended the partnership for 10 more years (until the year 2030).

Bayern Munich’s 2020-21 Season Kits

Let’s take a look at the leaked news about the team’s this year’s jersey.

Bayern Munich’s 2020-21 Season Home Kits

Based on the leaked news in Footy Headlines, the color of

Bayern Munich’s 2020-21 season home kits

will be “FCB True Red” and white.

The kit features a subtle jacquard striping pattern with the individual stripes being made up of small dots.

The 3 Stripes run down along the sides of the new FC Bayern home shirt, which has a simple v-collar with white piping.

Shorts and socks are both red with white 3 Stripes.

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Inter Milan’s 2020-21 Season Kits

Bayern Munich’s 2020-21 Season Away Kits


Bayern Munich’s 2020-21 season away kit 

has a very basic and simple look according to Footy Headlines.

The kit is generally in 'dash grey', while the logos are in red / orange, and the collar, sleeve cuffs and 3 Stripes are white.

Bayern Munich’s 2020-21 Season 3rd Kits

The Adidas

Bayern Munich 20-21 third shirt

will be predominantly black, combined with white for logos and a 'vintage-inspired' inspired Rauten graphic print in red, according to Footy Headlines.

The shirt reminds us of the team’s early third shirts, which were often black and usually looked pretty sharp.

How do you feel about the new Bayern Munich’s home kits? Please, share your opinion with us in the comments section.

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