Leaked: Paris-Saint Germain’s 2020-21 Season Home, Away, and 3rd Kits

Mon 29 June 2020 | 12:30

Paris Saint-Germain is known as the most successful club in France football history.

“Les Parisians” was founded in 1970 and ever since has been one of the bests in France and the world.

Other than PSG’s prestigious history in football, the club is well respected for the employment of the traditional colors of blue, red, and white in their iconic kits Which represents Paris and Saint-Germain-en-Laye.

In fact, the colors shows the historical merger of Stade Saint-Germain Football club and Paris Football Club in 1970 and the emergence of

Paris Saint-Germain

Football Club.

The Parisian colors of blue and red are reminiscent of two French revolutionary figures: Marquis de La Fayette and Jean Sylvain Bailly.

The white color stands for French royalty and Saint-Germain-en-Laye.

In 1973-74 season, the club unveiled a new home jersey: An outstanding blue shirt with a red vertical stripe. Inspired by the Ajax jerseys, the kit was designed by Daniel Hechter, the famous French fashion designer and former club’s president.

This is why the

PSG’s home jersey

is referred to as the “Hechter shirt”. After wearing it during 1973-1981, the club started to use the iconic shirt one more time in 1994.

Since then, they have stayed committed to the historic kit for most of the seasons.

Paris Saint-Germain

has had a wonderful decade. Even though the club has failed to win a European title, they have absolutely established their dominance over the other football clubs in France.

During the past decade, they have won 6 Ligue 1 titles and achieved a record of 12 Coupe de France. With the beginning of the new decade, PSG seems to show even more hunger for success.

The club is currently sitting first on top of

Ligue 1

and is preparing to face Borussia Dortmund in the

UEFA Champions League

round of 16.

Their success, of course, comes at a price: As one of the richest clubs in the world, PSG is known for the huge amount of money it spends on transfers and wages.

As a matter of fact, PSG pays the top 10 highest salaries in the French Division 1.

Part of the financial support PSG requires comes from the club’s deal with Nike. PSG has worked with Nike since 1989. In 2019, the club signed a contract extension with the company until 2032.

The historical deal is reportedly worth 80 million euros per year and according to PSG president, Nasser Al-Khelaifi, “reflects what the club has become on the global stage”.

Like the club, the fans are also happy with Nike because the company has manufactured numerous stylish kits over the past 30 years.

Therefore, it is not surprising to see them excited over the leaked news about

Paris Saint-Germain’s 2020-21 season kits


Paris Saint-Germain’s 2020-21 Kits


Time to review the leaked news together.

Paris Saint-Germain’s 2020-21 Season Home Kits

Nike will use the “Hechter” design for the 

Paris Saint-Germain’s 2020-21 season home jerseys

 according to Footy Headlines.

The shirts will be in dark blue and will include a red vertical stripe at the center. The side stripe of 

PSG’s next season home shirt

 features a fine-drawn “Paris Saint-Germain - 50 ans” to celebrate the club’s 50th anniversary.

The sleeves of the shirt have a standard cut and are highlighted with white-red-white stripes.

Paris Saint-Germain’s 2020-21 Season away Kits

According to La source,

Paris Saint-Germain’s 2020-21 season away kits

are white and consist of a wide vertical stipe at the center.

The stripe will be in red and has dark blue lines on the edges. The same shade of blue is used for the logos, the collar, and the sleeve cuts.

Paris Saint-Germain’s 2020-21 Season 3rd Kits

Paris Saint-Germain’s 2020-21 season 3rd kits

will be manufactured by Jordan Brand.

Based on the leaked news, the jersey has a very classy design and uses “bordeaux”, a dark shade of red, as the base color, and “truly gold” for the logos.

The “bordeaux” color of the PSG’s next season third kits reminds us of the club’s 2006-07 season away kit.

The shirts were in a similar color and had a unique design inspired by Louis Vuitton. The next season’s 3rd kit socks are “bordeaux” as well and feature black trim and golden logos.

Paris Saint-Germain’s 2020-21 Season

 Fourth Kit

The Jordan

PSG 2020-21 Fourth shirt

boasts a futuristic looking design and color combo as it jersey combines the colors blue and pink with black applications.

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source: SportMob