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Klopp: Liverpool will not celebrate title prematurely

Mon 30 December 2019 | 6:13

Liverpool are refusing to get carried away as they enter the New Year with a 13-point advantage atop the table.

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp said the runaway Premier League leaders will not celebrate prematurely, insisting the title race is still not over.

The Reds will enter the New Year with a 13-point lead atop the table following Sunday's 1-0 victory over Wolves at Anfield.

Liverpool recorded a 17th successive Premier League home win and extended their unbeaten domestic run on Merseyside to 50 matches thanks to Sadio Mane's goal.

As Liverpool close in on a first league crown since 1990, Klopp told reporters his side are not getting carried away following 19 matches.

"I think our fans are exactly like the team is," said Klopp, whose Liverpool have won 18 and drawn one of their 19 league fixtures this season to be ahead of Leicester City and two-time reigning champions Manchester City.

"They are not interested in the moment. They don't want to celebrate now. They take it like it is. They dig in a game, like today, today I liked it a lot. All the fans were really in the game. This was a game where the crowd can be nervous, they weren't, so that's good.

"We are a unit so we fight until somebody says 'it's enough' and 'you have enough points' or not. We will see. But it's not about belief. If we were not confident it would be really crazy but it's not about knowing, or wanting to know, that it's already done. Imagine, really, if you asked me and I sat here and said 'yeah, actually, I think it's done'. But we still play of course but I think it's done. That would be really crazy.

"But, since five, six or seven weeks ago we are still asking that question constantly. And I, as a normal human being, have the same answer. Because it's not done. So discuss it if you want, ask me if you want, but don't expect a different answer."

source: SportMob